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I talk to these people more than I talk to my own family.

I used to have this list on my sidebar....but it got too long...and it started reminding me of my husband and daughter taking all the space in the house...and I'm all "Seriously people? You are ONE person! How much space do you REALLY need! And YOU! You are only 4!! You need like 1/4 of the space I do! And you don't even WEAR mascara or pantyhose!!!"

And then I realized that I was getting a tad bit...um....over anxious about my feelings about my sidebar.

So just decided to move them here.

Baby steps y'all.

If you don't see you - and I read you - let me know and I'll add you....But really? Who looks at these lists anyway?

15 Minute Lunch
Always Home & Uncool
Bacon Is My Lover
Bad Ass Geek
Bill & Jill
Carolyn Online
Dad Gone Mad
Dispatches From The Island
Emails From Crazy People
Flooded Lizard
Just Making Our Way
Lovely Listing
Mind Of A Mad Woman
Momma Kiss
Mommy Wants Vodka
Papa TV
Passive Aggressive Notes
Post Picket
View From The Short Bus
Shamelesly Sassy
Smart Ass Mom
Stir Fry
Sylvester 4
The Bean
Brakes & Gas
Undomestic Diva