This last week has mostly been a blur.  I had days that I went to work.  I had days that I went and worked on the deck again.  And days of trying to pick up the slack on everything that wasn't getting done because I was going to work and/or working on a deck.

I suppose the main reason why it's been a blur is because it's 200 DEGREES outside.  If I have to hear my mother say one more time "drink some water" or "jump in the pool to cool off"...well, I'll just...probably drink some more water or jump in the pool to cool off.  Because it's too hot to argue with her.

We are getting much closer to the half way point on this deck - so we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  However, by the time we're done we are all going to be so sick of hanging out with each other that I'm not going to be able to enjoy it.  Not to mention I think they might still be pissed that I screamed bloody murder when he was about to chop through a power line.  Which turned out to be an orange colored tree vine.  Honest mistake...but everyone had to change their shorts after that.

I did, however, find time to make a gift basket for my best friend.  She's recently married and they bought themselves a farm house out in the boonies.  They are going to fix it up and mow the back 40 and milk cows...or something.  All I know is that a new china place setting wasn't the appropriate gift for someone who's ripping down dry wall and re-plastering walls.

Everything I put in the basket is below.  Emergency items for home rebuilding.

And some girly stuff.   And squeaky tennis balls for her dogs.  And a fire extinguisher.

Probably easier to just get them a Home Depot gift card....But then what would I use all my tulle for?


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A few months ago my husband and I started the process of getting new Life Insurance policies.  The ones we currently have are fine, I guess, but after talking about it for a while we realized that should anything every happen to him - my daughter and I would have to move in with my Mom.  I already used the one "move back" that she gave all of us kids back in my 20's. So, that wouldn't be an option.  Not to mention they are always renovating rooms and decks in that house - and I don't want to have to work that hard.

So, we looked into other options and found a better policy for about the same price as what we are paying now.  Problem with new life insurance policies is there is a boat load of paperwork to fill out.  And mess up.  And then fill out correctly.  Plus, there is that whole nurse coming to your house and taking your blood and pee and stuff. It's a very bizarre feeling sitting at your own kitchen table and having a stranger stick needles in your arm...The whole while talking about how much she loves the show True Blood.  Totally not kidding.

I mentioned to my Mom a couple of weeks ago that I would be late to work one day because said Nurse was coming in the morning, and how much it was going to suck because you have to fast. The only thing I'm allowed to have is either water or black coffee for the 10 hours leading up to her arrival.  She told me that many years ago she had to go through the same thing, however HER appointment was at 4:00 in the afternoon. At least mine was in the morning - so technically most of my fasting was while I was sleeping.  She had to spend her entire day at home - with nothing but water.  Turns out that the weird guy that came to get her pee actually made a COMMENT about how clear it was...."My Word! You are very hydrated aren't you!"

Fast forward to my appointment.  I spent the better portion of the morning drinking water - mostly because I ALWAYS have a drink in front of me.  Weird True Blood Nurse shows up and gives me my little cup.  I fill it up to the little black line, wash my hands, and give her my sample.  When I handed it back to her, I actually said, OUT LOUD - "Hey Look! Mine looks just like Mom's!"

Do you have any idea how hard it is to explain to someone that you don't actually spend a lot of time comparing urine sample's with your Mother?


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There is nothing better than a bunch of good Christian women getting together to feed the masses. At my church, we'll eat for a slew of reasons.  Someone died, someone was born, someone is leaving or joining. We make food when folks are sick and when they get better.  I've been a member of this church for as long as I can remember and one thing is for sure....Those women can cook.

I've gotten to an age now that it's only right that I start doing my share - truth be told - that time past a while ago.  So, this last weekend I pulled my weight.

I took a couple recipes from my new favorite cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks - and also nabbed a casserole recipe from my Mama.  Three dishes in total and just pray that one turns out okay.  Last thing you want to do is bring crappy food to a Sunday Potluck. And trust me, you'll know if it's crappy....It'll be the casserole dish left with only one scoop out. Then you have to make the walk of shame to the big garbage can and dump the leftovers out.

Here's the casserole I took from Mama..It turned out pretty well and pretty easy to make.  (full recipe at the bottom)

Here's what you'll need

Saute up the green peppers and onion with 4 tbsp of butter - just until soft

Add the soft bread crumbs, corn and eggs.  Mix it all together and then pour into an 8 inch, greased, baking dish

Melt the last tablespoon of butter, mix with the dry bread crumbs and sprinkle on top. Bake, uncovered, for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Take out the casserole

Sit down and enjoy a job well done with a cold beer and read about Cheesecake

Have your husband and daughter do the dishes

Next time I'm going to try without green peppers and double the onion and also see if sweet corn would make a difference.  Now I will say that my husband thought it could use more salt...However, he and my daughter aren't happy unless they are licking salt off of crackers...So, if you fall into that category....go for it.

Corn Casserole
1/2 cup chopped green peppers
1/4 cup chopped onion
5 tbsp butter - divided
2 cups soft bread crumbs
2 cans (8 1/2 oz) cream style corn
1 can (11 oz) whole kernel corn - drained
2 eggs
1/4 cup dry bread crumbs

It's been an interesting couple weeks here on the home front.  School officially ended - and summer camp officially started.  To her, it's a big freakin' deal. To me - it just means I don't have homework duty and don't have to worry about school uniforms.  Other than that, it's the same routine, same school, same kids and same weekly bill.

Oh, we also bought a shed. That was the other interesting part - but I'm sure y'all don't give a crap about my new shed.

So, we've decided to transition to public school in the Fall and there's all this paperwork I have to fill out.  Apparently the lady that takes the paperwork is taking the whole month of July off so I had to get it done quickly. Doctors notes, original birth certificate and the original Deed for the house.  Yea.  I have no freakin' idea where that is.  So in it's place I took our mortgage bill, a water bill and a electric bill - all of them show our address & phone number. I assumed it would be enough.

I was wrong.  Apparently she has a "check list" that she goes through for registration and it clearly says ON THE CHECKLIST, "Deed".  Therefore I have to have the deed.  Think about it, y'all! She breaks the rule for one parent and the next thing you know the whole public school system is down the tubes! Parents signing their children up for school with magazine subscriptions - junk mail - and all those other things that read "Resident" in your mailbox.

I also managed to piss her off.  WITHOUT EVEN TRYING.  I was raised to say Ma'am and Sir. So, every time she asked me a question I would say "Yes Ma'am".  It wasn't until the whole meeting was over that she turned to me and said "By the way, My name is Sally - Not Ma'am".  Well shit. I'm making a GREAT first impression. My kid is going to get the teacher that picks his nose or won't actually memorize her name until the school year is almost over.

And lastly, since I figured I had already stuck my foot in my mouth, I mentioned that I'm very nervous about the bus.  "What are the procedures? Does she get help finding her classroom? Is there a buddy system or something? I'm just nervous she'll get lost or get on the wrong bus."

"Well, I certainly can't say we've never lost a child.  But they always turn up"

This is why I drink.