I had to pause my tv rather quickly to rush over here to post something.

This is by far the most ridiculous thing I have EVER seen on tv. Ever. Ever ever ever.

And I watch a LOT of tv, ya'll know that.

With the writers strike in full force, and no end in sight, the reality tv is coming out of the wood work. As I've stated many times before, while although I am a tv whore, I do draw the line on some things.

I hate any sort of tv where love is the goal. Finding and/or falling in love with your one true soul mate - on national television is ludicous to me. If there is anything we've learned from reality tv - it's that people are either going to be the worst or best of themselves....chances are - not their NORMAL selves.

So enter the newest and darkest of IDIOCY of reality tv.

"The Moment of Truth"

Before the "game" even starts you've been separated from people and hooked up to a polygraph and asked a million questions.

Then you are put on national television and asked 21 of those questions. Answer the question, the same way you did on your polygraph, and you'll win money.

Easy enough, right?

Not so much - they ask horrible questions. And in some cases they bring out the very thing that the question is about.

Case in point: Let's say that obese people repulse you. The person that asks you that question is pushing 450 pounds. You have to look that person in the face and answer "yes" - or else you'll lose ever dollar you've made to that point.

It's starts off easy enough. "Have you ever suspected a friend of yours has made a pass at your wife?" "Have you ever called in sick to work, and not been sick?". With each question they get more difficult, more personal, more hurtful.

"Do you love one of your children more than the other?". "Do you truly believe that you will be married to your spouse in five years?" "Is there a reason why your spouse should not trust you?" "Since you've been married, have you used the internet to flirt with another woman?" (and I'm only 20 minutes into this show...it CAN'T get any better!)

Your family is sitting right in front of you. Your wife. Husband. Father. Mother. CHILDREN.

Let's be honest. There is something we are ALL hiding - or rather don't want someone to know. These people work in tv and I gaurantee they will find a way to find out what you DON'T want anyone else to know.

If the all american dollar is so damn important to you - that you are willing to do anything to get it ... Go for it.

Just don't be surprised if your girlfriend hasn't moved out by the time you get home.


Pops said...

Interesting ... I watched a little bit of that show last night myself and it made me uncomfortable. There was a guy being asked some very personal questions (with his wife sitting right there) that had to be hurtful to her and you wonder if the money is really worth it. I don't know how much he won (because I changed to a different program), but however much it was ... it wasn't worth it.