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Just a quick note this morning to say how disappointed I was in last nights Survivor. The show itself - I thought was great. The fans were pumped and just besides themselves to be there in the first place (with some interesting comments from the "I've never met anyone gay before" lady) With the uber-happiness surrounding the fans, there was no strategizing - no back stabbing.

However, on the other side with our "faves" (Certainly not MY favorites) Strategy and backstabbing was immediate. As folks who have already been marooned on an island before - shelter, food and fire came quickly, so I can only guess with nothing else to do with their time, the "game play" is the only thing left.

Couple things I always find interesting on shows like this.

How on earth do these folks "hook up" so damn fast. I mean, come on - James and Pavarti found a crab together, she squealed like a little girl, and now they are picking out china patterns. Ozzy and Amanda...all she had to say was how awesome it was that he was there - and boom! alliance. (and the scenes for next week look like Ozzy is trying to eat her tonsils)

Anyway - my disappointment. Right.

Johnny AssHat. I've seen this guy twice now - the first time on Survivor, and then again on his attempt to ride a bull. With his big talk and big show - and telling the camera within the first 2 minutes of the show "I'm the best player Survivor has ever seen." And then to puss out and QUIT?!? Which is exactly what he did. I'm utterly confused as to why no one else would call it that - but he did. He quit.

What I wanted most of all - was when Johnny got voted off - for it to be dirty and under handed. I wanted to see him suffer. I wanted to see him hungry and dirty and beaten to death by challenges.

Part of me is glad he's gone. I don't have to see his nasty ass face any more - but I'm still very disappointed in the way of his departure. There was no suffering.

Not to mention the countless other former Survivors that could have taken his slot - that I would have much preferred to see.

I enjoyed Probst calling him out. The only thing I wish he had said was to explain his "I need to be home with my unborn baby" crap was that even if he's voted out/quitting - YOU STILL DON'T GET TO GO HOME! You are whisked off to some hut somewhere until the show ENDS!!

Maybe Johnny was just looking for a vacation, who knows.

All that being said - I still enjoyed it. I like cocky former "favorites" getting their butts handed to them in a challenge.

On a side note: I read something this morning that part of the challenge wasn't aired. Turns out that during one of the road blocks in their carts - the favorites tried to sabotage the fans cart. The game was quickly put on hold so Probst could give them a firm lecture on not being 4 year olds.

heh. I wish they had aired that.


Pops said...

Yep ... I watched it also and was glad to see Fairplay gone. I think he found out very quickly that the Fav's already knew him and his underhandedness and weren't having any of it. He decided to quit rather than be the first one voted off. Now he can still brag.

And yes ... certainly hook up records.

TJ said...

Fishcakes to AssHat- he's a posuer. I'm not sure what his story is but it's chock full of the the bs jack loads like him tell themselves to justify loserdome. AND he doens't go home-- he has to sit in the Survivor Hut of Losers- with weekends at the Micronesia Holiday Inn Express-- what a load.

Anyway- Bring on the Fans!

TJ said...

P.s.- what's with Dongothan acting like the Fans are playing against the Red Sox? Who the hell was he before his first season? Just sayin...