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I have a handful of blogs and websites that I check everyday. Some of them are pretty popular and some are just ones that I've found randomly by hitting the "next blog" button. '15 Minute Lunch' and 'Don't Get Me Started' are daily clicks from my mouse, and there was one that I read for a while written by a women who was a CPA by day, stripper by night. I found that one interesting for a while, but then it became a little too much like reading porn at work.

I've seen others talk about "stat counters" or "site meters" and I finally got around to investigating what that was. Turns out, it's really quite cool.

Simply put, there's a program that is attached to your website that analyzes the people that come and go from your site; how many hits you had, if they are return visitors or first timers, and in what part of the world their computer is. The most interesting thing that it offers is 'keyword activity". It breaks down exactly what people typed into the Google search engine (or any other search engine) that got them to me.

These are some of the interesting results I've gotten for the last couple of weeks.

DIY Flip Table / Divine Design Big Girl Room: I can only assume that the D.I.Y and HGTV ran some programs recently about flip tables and Big Girl Rooms. It's a safe bet that my site was not exactly what they were looking for. I wonder if there is an identical big girl room out there that matches mine?

Hair Straightener Not For Household Use:
The funny thing about this one is I can't figure out if they really wanted to find a hair straightener that they can only use in their backyard....or if they were specifically looking for the CHI Warning label. Even funnier is that when you type these exact words into Google - my site isn't listed until page 6! I actually got quite a few hits on the Warning Label blog....One person was searching for "Chi Hair In Canada Label". So many places to go with that sentence.....What the hell is Chi Hair? Is that like a Chia Pet?

i'm sorry gift for him ideas free: I'm not kidding. That's exactly what they typed into Google. Off the top of my head...If you are trying to say I'm sorry to a man - and you don't want to spend a dime...Only one thing really comes to mind.

Vanilla Ice Soap: Absolutely my favorite of the week - and there were three of them. Best guess - There was a show/radio/article in the UK (where the path came from) and there must have been a recipe for Vanilla Ice Soap. I kind of feel bad for the ladies in the U.K. trying to make some nice soap for her loo and all she got was Vanilla Ice getting his ass kicked by a bull named Snowbell.

So, to help those ladies out.

I don't have the recipe, but I do have the actual soap already packaged.


Sandy said...

How do you access these wonderful stats? I don't think anyone would want to find my blog unless they are related to me but I want to be informed!