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We hit the road again last week to go back to the Outer Banks. This time to see his family. This time a much shorter trip. This time we decided to vacation with a Tropical Storm.

Our time was cut very short as we decided to leave a day early to miss the heavy parts of the storm. It didn't exactly work out the way we wanted it to. We essentially drove for two days IN a hurricane.

Throw that on top of an accident on I64, that shut the entire road down - with a 4 year old in the back that had to go potty so bad her eyes were turning yellow. Note to self: Don't even drive to the freakin' mall without a portable potty in the car. Trying to aim a 4 year old into a 7-11 Big Gulp Cup is no easy task. Ask my husband. He has the pee stains on his shoes to prove it.

We walked in the door on Saturday in hopes of curling up on the couch for two days and doing nothing but watch bad movies - but our basement flooded again.

The second we took care of THAT. I got sick.

All in all - a fucking fabulous week.

I've spent the day home from work, curled up on the couch with my laptop. I've ordered and watched the entire season 6 of Sex and the City. Don't ask me why...I'm sick....I make bad choices when I'm sick.

19 episodes and $40 dollars later. I have a few thoughts.

Who are these people? Are there really single women living in New York that spend $500 on a pair of shoes? I spent most of my 20's single/dating...I never acted like that. Are there really women who relate to this show? I suppose it gives off a bit of a "I Am A Fabulous Woman" vibe....but if I had had as much sex as Samantha Jones, my friends would have called me a whore and my mother would probably never speak to me again.

It did make me wonder though....Do you suppose Sex and the City is where blogging came from? Every episode is her throwing some unanswerable question out into the cosmos.

I called my best friend about an hour ago and confessed my six hours of iTunes watching. I told her that the one thing I kept thinking while watching all of these episodes is that she IS Miranda Hobbs.

She told me that I was Charlotte.

I don't know how I feel about that.


Ms Picket To You said...

Charlotte is a major compliment. She is always sweet and when you see the movie, you will like her even more.

But as for SATC kicking off blogging? Google Julia Allison. Because you are right.