While although my head is a bit cloudy this week, with all the antibiotics and what not, it has seemed that my child has been a bit more odd than usual.

First thing I noticed...when the hell did she become a Solid Gold dancer. Let me assure you that dancing....not something my husband and I do a lot. My husband...Never. Not even at weddings. I have danced, and do enjoy it on occasions, but seldom do it at home...with no music. But over the last few days my daughter has been doing the "Hey Mom - Watch This!" thing. And every time she's bustin' a move.

Weird thing is....She's pretty good. A little too good for a 4 year old if you ask me. I'm starting to think that when I'm not looking she's changing the channel to MTV. Cause this kid has got some moves!

In addition to the Baby Baryshnikov, I've been trying to explain to her this week about germs. Mostly because when one of us is sick....that's when she desperately wants kisses or to sip my drink or lick our spoons. She's not really 'getting' the whole germ thing though.

While putting her down for bed last night.....

"Mommy, you didn't kiss me good night!"
"I know sweetie, I'm sorry. Remember mommy told you about germs? I can't kiss you on the mouth...I don't want you to get sick too."

She thinks about this for a minute.

"Ok. I'll kiss YOU on the mouth"
"Heh. No, sweetie. That's the same thing"

She thinks again.

"Ok, how about here?" (she points to the top of my boob!)

"Yea, um, no"
"Well...well because that's just weird"

Again, thinking.

"Ok. Give me your armpit" (she's quite serious)
"Yuck. No."
"Again. Weird!"

She sighed deeply and settled for kissing my knee.

I can honestly say that I've experienced a lot of weird things before...But no one has every requested some alone time with my armpit.


Tiffi33 said...

THAT is priceless...

my boys can be THAT...well, weird too..lol..

C-Rah said...

That is too much!! :oD