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It happened again.

Around the beginning of December, most of the TV/Movie/Music magazines I read were doing their usual "Best Of The Year" lists. Entertainment Weekly (online) has some great "Best Of" lists, that for the most part I've usually agreed with it - be it music, television or movies. (Just because I don't actually see movies IN the theater doesn't mean I don't actually SEE the movies. I just see them a year after everyone else does).

However, at the end of this last year not only did we get the "Best Of The Year" lists, we also got a lot of "Best of the Decade" lists.  Most of these lists didn't surprise me. I haven't watched all these shows, but I've certainly heard enough water cooler talk about them to know that they were insanely popular - so not surprised to see them on a "Best Of" list of any kind.  Like The Sopranos.  Or The Office.  Or Arrested Development.

I was, however, surprised to see Battlestar Galactica.

Now you guys know how EASILY sucked into something I am.  Already in the last year my husband has somehow just merely MENTIONED a show...and the next thing we know I've watched TEN freakin' season of Stargate SG1.  TEN SEASONS! That's devotion y'all. And then to further my embarrassment I jumped right into Stargate Atlantis right after I was done with that.

Netflix was created for people like me.

So, I'm reading through this "Best Of" list and I'm slightly surprised to see Battlestar there. Really? Best of? Why did my husband never mention it to me? Actually, as a matter of fact I do believe that he even once said  that I wouldn't like it all that much.

Too Late.  I'm knee deep in Cylons, and the search for Earth and the Final Five...whatever the shit that means. I keep running into the other room and screaming things like "Holy Crap is Starbuck a Cylon!?! NO! Don't tell me! Go Away!"

And he's all...."I'm in the shower you crazy woman....YOU go away."

The sad thing is...I KNEW going into this that this show ended badly. I mean, I remember when the whole show was over and my husband was upset.  It was like that whole Soprano debacle. I never watched it, but I knew people were pissed with how that show ended.  And even knowing that....I've invested this time in a show I KNOW is going to end badly.

I'm pretty sure my turn to the dark side is almost complete.  I'll be going out this weekend to buy some 12 sided dice so I can start working on my charisma points.

P.S.          If that last sentence makes no sense to you, or if it isn't funny at all...You've never dated/married or MET anyone that's into D&D.
P.P.S.      That's probably a good thing
P.P.P.S.   I find it very funny that the only word in this post that the spellchecker won't give up on is Cylon.


blueviolet said...

If we'd all stop watching about one season prior to the end, we'd be a lot happier!

Mad Woman said...

Trust me, the 12 sider won't help you. It never gives the numbers you want. Besides, you've got TONS of charisma :) (Yes...my hubby is a D&D geek too)

I have thus far managed to NOT get sucked into Battlestar OR Stargate..but my resolve is weakening.

Her Majesty Lisa (LadyWanderlust) said...

Love me some BSG! I was so addicted, so addicted that one season I pre-ordered the entire season so I would not have to fight all of the idiots at Block Buster to rent and see all of the episodes. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! BTW, I totally loved the ending. I think it's the only way it could have ended. Hope you enjoy.

just making my way said...

Ha! to the 12 sided dice. I remember that more from my youth then being married to a D&D geek. I don't think I ever actually played a game, I just liked making the characters.

I'm hopeless on TV. I hulu-d all the episodes of Glee months ago and have only watched the first episode. Sigh.

MommaKiss said...

I do not know D&D - but I'm with you on the whole "seeing things after they're cool." Been in a movie theater? ages!! I do take my current reality t.v. shows pretty serious, tho - and have chocked up my dvr w/ them. (this has nothing to do w/ BSG or stargate - I'm just babbling).

kys said...

I haven't seent that show. But I agree with you that EW's best of lists are usually spot on.

mumma boo said...

I'm the same way with movies. No desire to see them in the theatre, but as soon as they pop onto the Netflix queue, I'm there.

Never got into the most recent version of BSG, probably because I'm old enough to remember the original version from the late 70s. Gah! I need a Geritol and a nap.