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It's a wonder I look forward to summer.  I imagine it's more because I detest the cold - but so many things just, well, suck, in the summer - that I almost forget that I hate the cold.  And almost all of my problems are centrally located in my backyard.

Let me start of by saying that in a perfect world (and by perfect I mean where I have lots and lots of money) this is not what my backyard would look like.  I don't really care for the patio. I can't stand those beams around it. The whole thing has sunk over the years - and during really bad storms the water comes crashing into the basement window wells and we have leaking issues.  The whole yard needs to be re-graded, the patio removed, the beams removed.....blahblahblah.  It's a lot of work - and a lot of money.

So, I do the best I can with what I have. I move on! I'm glass HALF FULL!  I try to move the eye from the ugly to the pretty! Flowers! Bushes! Trees!

However...the ugly is winning the battle.  There's only so much I can do.

Exhibit 1:  My husband is a dork. And decided to get in a snow ball fight with my daughter...and apparently threw an ice ball instead.  See?  He still hasn't fixed it - so everytime it rains...or the wind blows...it shreds just a little bit more.

Exhibit 2:  My daughter is over the moon for green peppers and tomatoes.  I can't buy them fast enough for her. Awesome...I know! But expensive as crap. So, brilliant me decided to grow her OWN freakin' vegetables this year.  And now the sun is just killing them! Killing Them! The sun exploded over my backyard and there is nothing I can do except build the vegetables a tent.

A letter from the Home Owners Association will be coming any day now, I'm sure.  It will be addressed to "White Trash Neighbors".


Mad Woman said...

I kind of like the veggie tent actually! My hubby wouldn't be fixin' any of that either. He's supremely lazy.

just making my way said...

I think that's a lovely tent. I'm sure your vegetables greatly appreciate the defense from the burning ball of flame!!!!

Apparently you, Mad Woman and me all married a similar breed of man. Mine would totally engage in something like that, with damage ensuing, and never fix said damage. Sigh. Thank god he can cook!

just making my way said...

Damn, that should have been "Mad Woman and I...

MommaKiss said...

but the question is, can you see russia from your house? I mean, through that hole?
sorry. i'm up and not making any sense at all.
i do ZERO yard work. it's an art in itself.

mumma boo said...

I like the veggie tent, too! Tell your husband he'd best fix that canopy and take care of the beams, etc., or you will be hiring muscle-bound Hugh Jackman look-a-likes to do it for you. (PS - When you do hire them, call me. I'll bring the beer.)

Carolyn...Online said...

That tent is awesome. It looks like a ghost deflated and died right there on the vegetable bed.