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I've been battling this awesome head cold for about a week. The week before my husband had it - and I'm sure next week my daughter had it. It's the sheer joy of being a family. No germ can come home without it making it's way through everyone, and while although it sucks. - I appreciate at least this time it didn't hit my husband and I at the same time.  I could pick up the slack last week when he was being a loser - and he can pick up the slack this week when I was CURSING HIS NAME FOR GETTING ME SICK.

Seriously, there is nothing that I have not blamed him for in the last week.  Even the zit on my chin. Totally his fault. And you know what? I'm totally justified.  He was sick. He came home and, I don't know, breathed on me. He also used the same chap stick as me. So....I'm kind of putting my money on that one.

So, I'm on the upswing now - and while although not 100% better - I'm at least functioning and I got a little feisty tonight with my husband.

We are "keep a stick of butter out of the fridge" kind of people. There's always some butter that's available under cover for toast, or whatever you wish, when hard butter just won't do. Biggest issue is when you use the last of the soft butter and don't pull a new stick out. The next person has no soft butter. My husband CLAIMS he always does this. Tonight I proved he does not.  He found it very odd and quite humorous that I would keep track of the butter usage.

He compared this to my inability to turn a light off when I leave a room.

And while YES, I do have a problem with this. The difference is - I ADMIT I HAVE A PROBLEM.  I actually TRY to turn the lights off, but for some reason, I just can't do it. He actually believes he ALWAYS replaces the butter!

Do you see the difference?!?! Internet? Do you see?

Ever wanted a waffle but couldn't because all you had was cold hard butter that wouldn't melt on your processed frozen waffle product??

All I'm saying is that I admit my faults.

I can't believe I just wrote a whole post about butter.


Lisa said...

It's so his fault. If he just did what he was told, you would not have to track, chart, and report to the world his butter usage. :) Feel better.

Mad Woman said...

Honestly, just virtue of him having a penis, he's automatically in the wrong. Or maybe that's just the way it works in my house.

Feel better soon sweetie!

just making my way said...

My husband does not believe in the "keep a stick of butter out." Can you believe that?!? He actually thinks it comes out of the refrigerator soft enough. Totally weird.

Carolyn...Online said...

Can you leave butter out? It won't go bad? I think this might just change my whole life.

Aunt Becky said...

Bwahaha! I could write 10 posts about butter! We should do a butter-off.

mumma boo said...

Totally his fault. It's the same in my house with the milk. Replace the bottle, dammit! Hope you're feeling better by now!!

MommaKiss said...

Can't believe it's not [about] butter.


feel better!

Brakes and Gas said...

I am pretty sure wars have been fought over butter... and he totally deserves to have the ass bedazzled out of his pants. If you send them to me, I'll do them for you! (That sounded really dirty. I promise I am not coming onto your husband. I have my own last-of-the-butter-users.) :)