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I assumed because she was five that she was too young to care about 'all things cool'. So, at this young age she wouldn't care - or even know about - all those annoying things that kids get sucked into and obsess about. Like Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers or whatever else is/was hot. Apparently I was wrong.

She's been freaking out lately about High School Musical. Now, I realize that it's already done, out and old - but in this house - it never happened at all. I'm not sure if she got a whiff of it in school, or maybe on video day someone brought it in, but for whatever reason she's been chomping at the bit for me to get her this movie - and I was not about to go out and actually buy these movies (Did you know there are THREE OF THEM?) just to find out that she hated them.  So, I rented them on Netflix.  And then I made the mistake of watching them with her.

And now I have a bit of a crush on Zac Efron. Sigh.

So, I figured because I automatically just crapped on High School Musical when it first came out and never gave it fighting chance, I would give some other movies that I had crapped on a chance.

Like Twilight.

Seriously? Did you guys really like this movie? Did I miss something? Or was it one of those "You needed to read the books?" kind of things? Because I really don't see it! Like....At all! Maybe I'm old school Vampire, but I don't want mine sparkling in the sunlight like a cheap stain glass window. Also I didn't think he was cute. At all. Kind of creepy actually. And most of all - I don't get her. Go, find a nice boy that doesn't sparkle, who eats real food and settle down somewhere - where you don't have to worry about him eating your Poodle!

I have New Moon in my queue, and I'll watch it. Because I'm like that. But I'm sure I'll complain about that as well.


MommaKiss said...

i had a crush on Zac before he was in movies. He was in some show on the CW channel about losing his parents and living on the beach. anyway. brings me back to the kirk cameron crushy days :)
and twilight. didn't love the movie, but yes, i sped thru the books. as a 35 yr old.

i know.

just making my way said...

I purposely stayed away from the Twilight books. No sparkly teenager can compare to Vampire Lestat, dammit.

As to HSM, I would like to scoff, but I think if either of my kids had been into it, I would have watched all three. No problem. I mean, come on! It's a musical! What's not to love?

KidSister said...

I am so Team Jacob... Edward is too white and too skinny...

NEVER thought I would be interested in something like Twilight, but I got totally hooked and read all 4 books in a week.

Zac Efron is pretty cute. I saw Hairspray recently (another thing that doesn't look like something I would enjoy but did!) I only watched it because John Travolta plays a woman.

Bejewell said...

Step away from New Moon. It's awful. If Twilight was a piece of shit, New Moon is a piece of shit from a gross shit bug that LIVES on the Twilight piece of shit. Seriously. AWFUL.

Bejewell said...

P.S. Also, you are now my Comment of the Moment. Thought you'd like to know.

Aunt Becky said...

I'm actually pretty proud of myself that I've never seen Twilight. I never want to, either. So, yeah, I'm with you on the WTF, thing.

Megan said...

GAh. I've seen all three HSM. I really didn't mind them at all! And actually the first 2 were pretty good!

But Twilight. Ah, Twilight. I read all the books last Summer and watched the first movie - and it was HORRIBLE. Snore and cheesy effects. But I figured they'd spend more money on New Moon and I dragged my husband out on opening night. Gah and it was worse! The effects were cooler, but the best parts of that book are kind of minimized. Like all the scary Volturi stuff?!?! That could have been so much more entertaining! Um, anyway....yeah.

Aunt Juicebox said...

No, in my opinion, you aren't missing anything with twilight. I actually had a great link to a website that makes fun of it to the extreme, but I can't find it.

Carolyn...Online said...

It sucks when you accidentally watch your child's movie and then get a crush on the actor. Not that I know anything about that. I'm just saying it sucks for you.

SoccerMom said...

I think Zach is cute (no not in a I want your body way) caues my son looks just like him.

As for the movies. Never saw the musical. No desire.

I did however see the Twlight movies only after I read the book because of several friends pressuring me into it. I orginally thought it was only for "Teens".

I thought it was pretty good.