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For the majority of the summer, the talk of the house has been 1st grade.  What a big girl she is....How exciting it's going be....How different the school is going to be compared to where she is now...etc. etc. etc.

So, a few months ago she, quite matter of factly, told me that if she was going to be a big girl in the 1st grade, then she felt as though she deserved a big girl bedroom.  Personally I didn't think she had a baby room by any stretch of the imagination. I was a bit perplexed about what part of her bedroom she dubbed as "babyish".  So, I asked:

"What exactly is a big girl room sweetie?"

She looked at me...rolled her eyes so hard that they are still currently looking out of the back of her head...and said:

"DUH! Pink!"

After choking back a bit of vomit I thought:   Awesome.

We agreed, as adults do,  that I got to choose what colors would go in - and what accessories.  Mom would do the room - and surprise her.

Because over my dead body was there going to be a pink princess room with a pink canopy and princess decals stuck to the walls.  It was one of those foolish things I said out loud when I was pregnant and found out I was having a girl:

"I will never have a pink room in my house"

I am now, officially, eating my words.

It's taken me three days, many trips to Target and my house still has the stench of paint.  But it's done.  I unveil to the internet:  My girls "big girl room".

This was her room before (which I still state for the record wasn't all that "baby")

Here is her room now

I'm actually really pleased with it - and she was THRILLED. I have some canvas boards that I'm going to let her color and decorate to have art for above the bed - which I think will give it a bit more of a child flair.   And will also give her a sense that she contributed to her own room - since she basically had no say what so ever.

I'm sure, in the not so distant future, she'll want something different.  And I'll tell her to go butt a stump.  


blueviolet said...

That turned out so darn cute!!! I really, really like it.

Aunt Becky said...

Uh, I want that room. For ME.

Sandy said...

I'm so impressed with this great room. I think I will make plans soon to see it in person. Perhaps you should be a decorator!

SmartAssMom said...

Um, that is gorgeous. The before looks better than any room I have ever done, and the after is awesome!

MommaKiss said...

i LOVE it! nice job!!!!!
we're re-doing a room this weekend. going from crib / mattress on the floor to bunkbeds. really stepping it up here.

KidSister said...

Both the before and after look better than any room in my entire house. I don't even have anything on the walls of my baby's room.