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People say that we have four seasons here.  Even the calendar on my wall says it.  Personally, I don't believe it.  What we really have is Summer and Winter - and then Almost Summer and Almost Winter.  However, if I had to choose just one season it would be summer.

That's not to say I don't love watching snow fall, or curling up on the couch in a pair of sweats with the fireplace going. I'm even okay with the occasional snow ball fight.  Winter brings Thanksgiving, Christmas and even my birthday.  What I detest about Winter is wearing a coat.  Seeing my breath leave my body in my own car.  The 20 extra minutes it takes to get my daughter out of the house because I have to wrap her body in fleece - and THEN she has to pee.  I also hate pantyhose.

Summer is flip flops and tank tops.  It's rolling her out of bed, brushing her teeth and chucking her butt in the car. Barbecues and fire works. Tomato plants and swimming pools.  Summer is just, well, better.

Except when I sleep.

I can't STAND being hot when I sleep, and even though our central air is "fine" - it just doesn't cool the upstairs as much as I would like (without the $500 electricity bill). I toss and turn and sweat and throw covers around.  He tosses and turns and sweats.  A few months ago I actually asked him if he spilled water on his pillow.  He hadn't. 

So, apparently tired of hearing me bitch and moan.  My folks pulled this out of their attic for me. 

Isn't it the ugliest thing you've seen? It's even more horrible when you are looking at the back of it from the backyard.

DON'T CARE!  This is now my favorite piece in the house.  I show it to people when they come over.  "Oh, do you like the paint job I did in here?  How about the hardwood floors? Come see my WINDOW UNIT! It's the best!"

We only turn it on at night - and not even that high - but I have slept better the last few weeks than I have in months.  I wrap myself in my comforter now and snuggle in.  In even makes a nice sound so I can put my noise machines away. 

Have NO idea what it's going to do for my electric bill though.  I may be writing an entirely different post next month. 


KidSister said...

Craig and I had that problem as well! I kept waking up covered in sweat and having weird dreams and stuff (like when I was pregnant-scary!). I seriously thought I was having some kind of hormonal surges. And then I realized that our comforter was thick enough to keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures. We went out and got a thin quilt and we haven't had any problems since! I was even able to put the thermostat up 1degree at night!! I found this almost as exciting as your window unit!

Sandy said...

This is very exciting for you! As someone who has had hot flashes for many years I understand the problem of not getting good sleep.I'll look forward to hearing how it affects the electric bill!
This year, like Valerie, I went out and found a down alternative blanket to put in the duvet cover for the summer rather than the comforter I had. It looks the same but is much more comfortable in hot weather.

justmakingourway said...

I'm big on the white noise when I sleep - which usually comes from a fan - which annoys my husband. But! We also have a window unit in our bedroom in the summer. So I get to keep my blanket on (which I love) and be cool, and have noise.

Which is basically all that you just said. So...um, I get it is my point.

MommaKiss said...

oh my...I am the SAME way...if my feet are hot, i'm miserable. Especially for sleeping. We have central air, too...but I must have a fan on my feet at night.

Bejewell said...

Who cares what it costs? It's a small price to pay for not sweating balls at night. Trust me, this I know.