This will be the first Christmas that we've had since our off spring was born that we are actually "celebrating".

Let me explain. I don't need a Christmas tree or presents under the tree to know what Christmas means. However, there is a different aspect to Christmas when you have a child. All of them leading up to this point have either been in the stage of life where baby urp was still gracing my shoulder and my boobs no longer for show but a source of food. After that, Christmas was simply another day to her. To young to understand or even care.

Now that we've hit the landmark of three years old, the ability to unwrap presents, and a brain like a sponge soaking up everything around her and every word said - Christmas is in full force in this house this year.

She understands Santa - although she calls him Christmas - and is slowly getting the trusty parent mantra of "Santa is watching, you better be good". (How long do I get to milk that one?)

We're reading her Nativity story book at night, and I've introduced her to the Three Wise Men (however, in this house they are stuffed sheep with long funny looking legs named Zeb, Jake, and Eli - hey, it worked in a pinch)

The Christmas tree is out and decorated, stockings hung, and front yard shines with white lights from dusk to dawn (I've got this cool outdoor timer).

However, with all that being said - there still needs to be some shit under the tree after she is safely tucked into bed on Christmas Eve.

So, $400 later - and three trips from the car to the house., I mean, Mama is done shopping.

And let me assure you that I have learned a lesson from my mother. Every thing will be wrapped individually to make her booty from Santa look bigger.

She got 5 coloring books...They will each get placed in their own box and wrapped up. Any of those come with a set of 4 complimentary crappy waxy crayon wanna be's...They will get wrapped up too.

I mean... Come On...She's three!! She was ecstatic when she got socks for her birthday!!

This year she will be receiving the before mentioned coloring books, ABC Leap Frog six foot puzzle, (I'm still undecided about that one),
1,2,3 Leap Frog puzzle, the latest and greatest Water Pen Floor Mat, Little Einstein Doodle Pro (with classical music built in), pants, shirts and other assorted goodies.

I've yet to decide the "big" gift that Santa will bring. I've always known that I would do Christmas morning in my house, the way I had it as a child. There was always the multitude of gifts wrapped under the tree - but there was always one that was unwrapped and in plain view upon entering the family room.

(follow up post about some memorable childhood memories in the days to come)

So, Santa has pretty much finished shopping from this house. I still have yet to find anything for my mother - but hopefully that will come to me....Or maybe she'll drop a hint or two like "Hey, buy me this!!"

So, now all I have to do is wrap all the crap I just threw in the basement, get everything in mail to the appropriate people, come up with some cute Christmas card to send out to every person I've ever met, make cookies and or other assorted goodies for the people who don't make the "gift" shopping list, take Christmas family photos, and every other joyous event that must take place before Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas Everyone.


Sandy said...

Give yourself a break! You are way ahead of most normal people!