We all have someone in our office or workplace that drives us crazy.

Maybe it's the ditzy girl that regardless of her lack of IQ, by some miracle, actually still got her job. She knows that your name is Bob. But she INSISTS on calling you Bobby Boo.

The smarmy smaltzy sales guy - who has NO idea what your name is - but somehow thinks that his charming personality is going to make you get off your ass and get him a cup of coffee.....even though you don't even work in the same department.

The boss man. He THINKS he knows your name - but keeps calling you Jim...and your name is Bob.

The angry guy. You could have had a flat tire, house burned own, your dog died, and you were just diagnosed with a horrible case of VD....His day is ultimately always going to be wosre than yours.

The martyr executive secretary. She has clearly misconstrued her relationship with the boss as a personal connection - and thinks that every single person that works for the company is a spy out to get "her man".

The computer guy (certainly not my husband)....regardless of what has happened to your computer - the only plausible explanation is that you are a complete moron. Aliens could have come from the plant Cyron, planted a virus, did horrible anal experiments on you ....and you have digital proof.....It's still your fault because you didn't' stop them.

...And the countless other office type'o personalities that we come across in our daily lives...

Do I have the gift for you!!

It's the USB Rocket Launcher.

Simply place this contraption in your daily cell...er, cubicle space......aim and click.

From the simple confines of your desktop you can take out your enemies from up to 15 feet away.

You see "Joe -B.O. Man" strolling down the hallway. Take him out.

Or maybe "Betty - The Face Talker" is heading your way. Nail Her.

Comes with three foam rockets and a sensible price tag of $30.00.

You KNOW there is someone in your office that you would love to shove a rocket up their ass.


Pops said...

OK ... I need at least one of those. Where can I get it?

-k said...

How silly of me...I forgot to tell you where to shop!

Where else would a woman married to my husband go to buy her stuff??


Cyron said...

I have my own planet?