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Warning labels are, for the most part, made for a reason...To Warn. There are those in our society that took a very slow crawl out of the gene pool and need some extra guidance from time to time. Sadly, those people need to be reminded that they shouldn't throw their hair dryers into the bathtub WHILE full of water, not to operate a tractor after taking 14 Percocet, or that deodorant is not for internal consumption.

The other side of that, however, is that warning labels are often created BECAUSE someone did something stupid...and then by way of the American favorite pastime, sued someone because they were an idiot.

We all know the story of the women who accidentally spilled her coffee in her lap while driving her car...and now every McDonalds cup has to have a warning: "Caution: Extremely Hot Beverage". Small price to pay I imagine to avoid litigation again - but I'm afraid the pay out the first time was probably something fierce.

My husband and I enjoy reading the warning labels off of things - and try to figure out if the manufacturer actually CARES that we don't do something - or is simply trying to make sure that when Billy Joe Bubba tries to cut his own hair with a weed wacker, they are not held liable.

All of that being said, I have enjoyed gazing at the warning label on my hair straightener for some time now. Yes, I know what it's SUPPOSED to say - however, if read fast (like the first time I did it) I find it quite amusing.

There are just so many different ways to misinterpret this it makes me laugh. For starters, there is no period at the end of the first sentence....So, it actually reads:

Eye contact warning for straightening iron In Canada - Not for household use.

So, is CHI Hair Product only concerned for Canadians? Or does CHI Hair Product assume that all Canadians are dim witted and feel as though they need extra warnings? Are Canadians eyes far more sensitive than us Americans?

Or even better - Do you suppose that someone out there actually tried to straighten their eyelashes with this thing? Let me tell you - that would take a special kind of stupid. This thing is WICKED hot.

Next time you read a warning label, stop and think for a second. Do you think the company thought it best to warn people before hand - or that someone didn't actually know that they were supposed to take the baby out of the stroller before attempting to fold up?

If you see any - send them my way.


Brooke said...

On Audre's new mattress:

Do Not Attempt To Swallow...

I am not making this up.

Anonymous said...

On a curling iron:

"Do not use while sleeping"