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To most people, it's a boring and often very cold job. But to a 4 year old, getting the mail is an adventure. Taking that not so long walk down the driveway, opening the door and seeing what secrets are inside is very exciting ...and the question that always follows..."which mail is mine?".

I, of course, give her all the junk mail and tell her that her name is "resident".

Today's adventure, however, turned out somewhat different.

There are those times in your life when you just happen to be in a place...at the same time someone else is in that place...and there really is no reason to explain why you are both in that place at the same time - except maybe with out knowing it...one of you needed to be in that place. Crap...did that make sense at all?

My husband and I are not overly neighborly people. It's not that we're mean or snub our neighbors, we just don't have much of an opportunity to get to know them. No one knocked on our door when we moved in with fruit baskets and even though we live in a neighborhood, the traffic can be pretty fast (assholes), so most of us don't let our kids play out front. I wave in the morning when I see them, and smile if I'm working in the yard...but in all honestly, have never really knocked on anyone's door and introduced myself.

Makes for borrowing sugar troublesome.

So, my daughter and I set out on our trek of getting the mail when right at the same time a lovely older women and her beautiful, to what it looks like to me, pure white Husky. I've seen her walking her dog before - and have always appreciated when she picks the crap out of my yard. No, seriously, I have no problem with any dog crapping in my yard...As long as they pick up after it.

So, we're walking down, and I start my normal parenting thing..."Don't ever run up to a strange animal...Always ask before you touch....Blah blah blah", when she says "Can I touch him?"

Lady: "Of course you can sweet heart. He's not feeling very well today, so he may not lick you"
Me: "Ok, sweetie. Be gentle. Puppy isn't feeling well, so be real nice, ok?"
Child: "Ok. I'll be nice.

She spends a few minutes patting his back and rubbing her hands in his fur, which I have to admit was difficult for me not to grab this dog and rub my face in him. He was that pretty. And SO patient and kind with a small hand grabbing and poking.

I stopped to ask what his name was and why he wasn't feeling well - she informed me that they just found out today that he has very advanced cancer and is currently in kidney failure. He didn't have too many days left.

And he's sitting in my front yard - letting a strange little girl hug him.

I teared up and put my arm out and held hers and said the only thing I could..."I'm so sorry"

Next thing you know two total strangers are crying next to a mailbox.

I still don't know her name - or the dog's. But I think I'll notice when they don't walk past my house anymore.


Sandy said...

You just never know what the people around you are going through, do you.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Gosh, that is sad. What a good post this was. You forget that there are millions of other lives and troubles going on around you and your life... even in our very own neighborhoods.

-B said...

You're right- you were there at that moment for a reason.

You did good, Kid.

mumma boo said...

You were supposed to be there, no doubt about it. (((hugs)))

Big Kahuna said...

You make me proud ...

Carolyn...Online said...

Oh my gosh please bring that woman a loaf of banana bread or something next week. That made me tear up.