I realize that it's not even Thanksgiving yet - but I'm starting to have a few Christmas panic attacks. What can I say - I like to be prepared.

Moving our daughter out of her regular day care, and into a private school was by FAR the best choice we have made. She's learning so much more, and more importantly, she is so much happier in this school. The teachers actually teach, the parents are involved and the school seems to actually care.

All that being said...it's taking a toll on our check book. Higher education comes at a price.

Driving to work yesterday it dawned on me. I need to start thinking about Christmas gifts for her teachers. I believe that's proper, right? Last year - it wasn't a big deal. She had two teachers and an assistant teacher. Gift Cards all around. Who doesn't like a gift card?

This year?

4 main teachers and 6 assistants.

10 People Total.

What the hell am I going to get for 10 people??

If you guys have ANY ideas - throw them out there - I'm desperate.

Can you imagine the gift I get for my mother this year? A card that says, "Sorry you only got this crappy card, but your Granddaughter has 10 teachers and they took all my money!"


DCD said...

What about coffee shop giftcards? Like Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks? Smaller amounts can go farther at places like that.

Or a pretty little plant? Something that would be nice to have in the winter? (Of course, I don't know where you live, so if it's FL that probably won't cut it!!)

Sandy said...

I quickly googled the topic and found an idea that seemed great to me - buy a book( at Andie reading/listening level) for the school or class library. That and a nice card of appreciation could take care of it. I taught pre-school many years ago - it would have worked for me!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Mmm... I agree with dcd. Or maybe some kind of practical gift card... bath and body works? Who doesn't like that store?

Lollie said...

I think the entire staff of Target was having a Christmas panic attack today. They were going nuts - they looked like crazed ants in the aisles. It's only going to get worse.

miko564 said...

I like the plant idea too.

Now hold on a second...my kid is in preschool, am I supposed to get gifts for her "teachers" too?

Damn, the cost of kids just keeps going up. They're 4 and 14 months. When the hell are the little free-loaders going to get jobs?

mumma boo said...

I had the same problem with Cheeks' pre-school. We ended up doing the Dunkin' Donuts gift cards. I like Sandy's idea about the book donation!