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As I sit at my desk writing this, I looked around and all that I have accomplished in a short period of time....and well....damn, I'm good.

I've baked, shopped, wrapped, cleaned, wrapped more, baked some more...and will get around to the more cleaning at some point.

Santa's presents are wrapped and hidden downstairs. Last trip this morning to the grocery store, bank and last minute details taken care of.

All I have left to do is shower, dress and join the festivities of the day.

We'll start our celebration at 5:00 for a candlelight service...Which is always fun with a little one. "No! You'll set Mr. Smith, who I might add is 85, on fire! No, you can not hold the candle!" "No, we don't sing Santa Clause is Coming to Town at church"

Afterward, we'll head to friends of the family for some Christmas Eve boozing - where I hear Santa might show up. Good for me, since it didn't even dawn on me to take her to the mall to see him. (Award For Mother Of The Year, right here folks!)

Lastly we head to the parental house - for more Christmas Eve boozing and what I'm sure will be a bigger haul than Santa will bring.

Rush home - hang stockings, glass of milk and cookies (crap I forgot the carrots!) throw her in bed, get everything from it's hiding place, PRE-SET THE COFFEE MAKER (very important), and get a few winks in.

Morning will come all to early in this household - and once she's gathered all her loot. We'll hit the road to NC for merriment with the sisters.

Which I'm sure will involve some sort of Post-Christmas boozing.

I'll be heading to detox when I get home on Sunday.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Truly. May these days bring you family, friends, love - and sanity. And when you feel yourself reaching for the roll of duct tape to bind and gag your mother in law....grab a glass of wine and hide in your bathroom.

Merry Christmas!


Sandy said...

Well done! Sounds like you have everything thought out and under control. Merry Christmas!

Carolyn...Online said...

Now WHY didn't I think of the duct tape for the binding and gagging? It's brilliant.

HeatherPride said...

Well we had a bit of Christmas merriment with my family too! Nothing like a little hungover day after Christmas shopping!! heh

Hope you had a great time!