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My husband and I had been going back and forth for months about a trip to Disney World. One day we were going to do it...the next we weren't. It finally came down to the fact that if we went it would be so financially irresponsible that we probably wouldn't have fun...(well...I would, but I would regret it when I got home.)

Fortunately, we didn't bring it up with her, so we didn't end up crushing a little girls dreams. I imagine that most 4 year old don't understand fiscal responsibility.

We squished the whole idea a couple of months ago. Interestingly enough - the very next day at work - a co-worker of mine was in my office discussing the plethora of Time Share points that she was going to lose by the end of the year because her husband couldn't take any more time off.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

She gave them up for free too! She is SO getting a nice gift for Christmas. Probably a very nice Goofy Sweater.

So, I've got a 2 bedroom time share a stone's throw from Epcot and we leave in T Minus 1 day 20 hours. I've been frantically trying to get everything done....Stuff at work, stuff at home, packing, cleaning and general "getting ready for a big trip" stuff.

I've experienced something in the last few days that I don't think I've ever before. I've always considered the lengths we've gone with technology have always been there to help us. Haven't we all thought "What would I have done if I hadn't had my cell phone?" when trapped on the side of a road. Or "My gosh, if I didn't have email I wouldn't' talk to half of the people I know"...and of course "If it weren't for digital cameras we would only have about 9 pictures of our kids"....

But when it comes to packing and leaving my house for a week - I find myself paralyzed with what to bring and what not to bring. I was almost hoping that the apartment wouldn't have internet capabilities, because then that would take the decision out of my hands. But no, they do. So, of course the lap top goes...

and the camera, and the cell phones, and her movie player, and his laptop, and iPods, and cords.....holy shit...what are all these CORDS for....

Wasn't there a time when I would have just thrown my jeans and some make up in a bag? Now my carry on is bigger than my suitcase - because I have a Best Buy full of crap in my bag.

And because I'm bringing the entire Army of electronic devices with me....This was my way of saying I'll try to share some stories with you while I'm gone.

And by the way - for those of you with kids - having Santa AND a trip to Disney World REALLY tips the scales around this time of year. Yesterday she stroked my face and told me I was beautiful, and then complimented my driving.


Carolyn...Online said...

I don't know what's better - the driving compliment or the beautiful compliment. Either way you have scored big time and in the process ruined yourself for all future Christmas's.