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Today my daughter asked me what Eunuch meant. My first reaction was "Um, why?"...because if they are discussing castration in Junior Kindergarten then clearly education is WAY more advanced than it was in my day.

Turns out they were reading The Backyardigans.

See the connection?

Neither did I.

Turns out one of the characters is named Unique.

Not an interesting post I'll grant you - but I really wanted to push down the Vagina Cooking one. I noticed that I'm getting traffic directly from Facebook....and it's a little scary to think that folks that thought I was crazy in high school are sitting there thinking..."Well, yep - She's still bat shit crazy!"

But I'm working on a post where I'm a total moron - and I'm in a room with a bunch of people that don't talk like me, but I talk like them, and one of them is Dr. Phil. And in all honesty, is there really anyone cooler than Dr. Phil?

In other news, I mentioned to my sister I was having a hard time coming up with material lately. Once you write about your private parts...it's really all down hill. So, if you've got any burning questions for me - go for it...it may light my creative fires, so to speak.


HeatherPride said...

OK, suddenly all my old high school peeps are finding me on Facebook too!! I went on my profile and deleted the link to my blog....somethings are still sacred, ya know?