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I had a whole post written, and it's been saved in my drafts for about a week. I needed some time to go back and edit, erase and re-arrange - and for one reason or another I just never got around to it. It was a whole post about symbolism, and hating the groundhog ... if I can write my name on my windshield, I don't care what the calendar says.

However, I've spent the last three days sitting bedside with my Grandmother, who will probably pass away in the next couple of days, and writing anything here didn't really feel appropriate. However, NOT writing anything didn't feel right either.

Every afternoon I leave my folks at my Grandmom's, I have some time to think about the "normal" life that I still need to get done that day...and the post that's been sitting here for weeks keeps coming back to me. And the picture that I took that got the whole thing started.

I remember thinking when I took this picture that life finds a way. If it's meant to bloom, if it's time, it will no matter what the conditions.


Dana's Brain said...

I love that picture. And I'm really sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Sending warm thoughts to you and your family.

MadWoman said...

Beautiful picture and you're right...it will find a way.

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. My thoughts are with you guys.

HeatherPride said...

Beautiful post. So sorry to hear about your grandmother.