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Yesterday was a snow day - and from the looks of the weather channel - so was most of my side of the U.S. Interestingly enough, the schools were closed the night before...even before it started to snow. Quite a bit of faith in our weather folks if you ask me. However, the predictions were correct (good thing too....the School Board would have been crucified) and we woke up to a winter wonderland.

Now, since I've not sent in my nomination for Mother of the Year yet - I've managed to get through this entire winter without any snow gear. I mean, I have regular every day mittens and scarves and stuff to keep her warm - but no ski pants and the like to keep her DRY. It really just does not snow all that much here. Not to mention that once I get her out there - she wants to come back in. Once she really shows an interest in the snow - I will absolutely mortgage the house to buy her all that crap.

Anyway, so I needed a project for the day to keep us entertained. The best kind of project would be where I can actually get something DONE and she can help without burning down the house. So, I decided that painting the spare room was the perfect plan. Give her enough drop clothes and last year's outfit - and she probably wouldn't make too much of a mess.

It actually worked out pretty well. It held her attention for about an hour or so, until she realized that painting the spare room is actually quite boring work and the ultimate goal really does not improve her life at all...so really....why do it all?

Honestly, I don't blame her.

So, my step ladder quickly became an airplane. She and her stuffed animals became passengers on her magical plane to far away destinations.

She had electronic maps that would beep at her. She would click on the map and they would zoom off into space. (I tried to explain that airplanes don't go into space....I got an eye roll. Right, sorry...carry on)

Soon - something horrible happened to our 'bleblop' (a technical term for a working part on a plane) and we crash landed on the Planet of Gorillas. Apparently the gorillas have not eaten in a LONG time, so we were going to be their lunch. We had to fix our bleblop, and fast.

"Oh no, what are we going to do?" I asked
"We have to call someone!" She said
"From space? You must have amazing cell service..." I mumbled...
"Mama...Do you know who we have to call!?!?"
"The Ghostbusters?!"
"What?? Who? No! Handy Manny! He can fix anything!!"

Shortly after Handy Manny got there and fixed our airplane, she left her stuffed animals behind and she took off.

I picked up a few things during our little planet hopping adventure.

My daughter has no problem leaving behind her beloved stuffed animals as gorilla food to save her own ass....Clearly my husband does not fix enough stuff in this house because he lost out to cartoon character as the guy who "can fix anything"....and for the rest of my life anytime ANYONE says "who are you gonnna call" ... visions of an enourmous Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is going to pop into my head.


MadWoman said...

Wow...she abandoned the gorilla to save her own hide? I'm impressed. I swear my Girl Spawn would run into a burning building to save her heart covered puppy.

Handy Manny....*snort*

mumma boo said...

Smart kid you've got there. It's all about the decoys. And getting her to help paint the room was inspired, even if it only lasted a little while.

Dto3 said...

That's a hoot - I said the Ghostbusters comment to my kids just the other day and they gave me that, "Are you a freakin' idiot, or what?" look, too.

Aunt Becky said...

Kids crack me up. I'll loan you Ben, who will happily paint your room. For free.