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This is why he loves me.  He just doesn't know it. But it's true. You never know when you will have a shampoo emergency while on vacation...and won't everyone say "THANK GOD YOU LABELED MY BOTTLE!"

I also realize that after doing this I could have simply put our real names on each bottle...But this worked out as a brilliant accident.  If ever my family drives me so crazy...I can exchange them for a new one, and not have to buy and re-label our travel toiletries.

Always thinking ahead.


just making my way said...

Love it!I usually just write on there in black sharpie. Making labels is way more fun.

My word ver is "frack"! Ha!

kys said...

That's a great idea. I love my label maker but haven't used it for this purpose. Yet.

mumma boo said...

That is brilliant. You need to come pack my bags for my next trip. Please?

Aunt Juicebox said...

Haha! I just make everybody use the same bottles. Next time I'm labelling them.