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A while ago someone asked me what the hell a Freaky Freddy was.....

Here he is....a bit used and tortured over the years - but still funny as hell.

This stuffed abomination surely speaks to my sense of humor...even when I was younger. I physically wept with joy when I got this damn thing - and still now at 34 I can't bear to get rid of him. Every limb - including his ears and tongue have wires in them so you can contort this thing into any position.

He scares the crap out of the offspring.


Brooke said...

You still have it!! That's so awesome!!!

The last time we all had the Freaky Freddy conversation, I tried SO hard to find a picture of him on the internet, but I couldn't find even the smallest mention of him!!

Yeah Freddie!!!

-k said...

I tried as well to find SOMETHING on the internet about him - and found not even a hint. I'm starting to think I have a collectors item on my hands....It's just that no one knows to collect it! :)

Sandy said...

Thank you so much for finding him! Now at least I know what we are talking about. And I know that I have not ever seen anything like him before!

Pops said...

Freddie be cool .... dig?