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I love pop culture. Pet Rocks, Star Wars, Parachute Pants, MTV, Rubiks Cube, Beanie Babies, Lava Lamps, SNL, Barbie, Pop Rocks and Who Shot J.R.?. Ask me 10 questions about general history and chances are I'll only get a few right, but ask me 10 pop culture questions and we'll probably end up talking for hours. Certainly doesn't make me the sharpest knife in the drawer...but at least I'm entertaining.

Most of it not important, nonsense sort of stuff. Fluff, I guess you could call it. But I like the fluff. Too much these days is horrible, sad and depressing. I enjoy sitting around discussing movies, or the latest episode of survivor. Truth is, when you think about it - how often have you busted out a movie quote in the middle of a conversation? Ever wanted to stand on the bow of a ship and scream "I'm the King of the World" or pour an entire thing of pop rocks in your mouth and then drink a soda really quick to see if your stomach would explode?

Pop culture is all around us. We don't typically know at the time that something happens or is created that it's going to go down in the books as iconic, but it's fun to see what catches on and what doesn't.

That being sad, I started thinking about this topic last Saturday when I meant a friend of mine for lunch. We had past the basic catching up portion of the conversation, "How's the Spawn?" "How was your trip to India?" "When did all your hair turn gray?”

The conversation took a turn at some point in time and we start discussing the latest episode of Lost. (Which I firmly believe will go down in the books as the show most likely to fuck with my head). Anyway, we were dissecting the in's and out's of who was who - and when we hit on Sawyer - we both looked at each other and slightly sighed ....and I commented "He is SO on my list."

I'll bet money that most of you know that I'm not talking about my "shit list"....but my 'Friends' inspired laminated list. The list of 5 famous people the I'm allowed to get busy with and the hubby isn’t allowed to get mad.

I've been to parties in the past where the entire evening revolved around peoples "list". Their Top 5 - ever so dreamy - I wouldn't kick her/him out of my bed - List.

Mine has changed drastically over the last 10 years. Mel Gibson held the #1 spot since the creation of this mental slut list, however, recent events have made me think it's time to change everything up.

So, here it is. My new list. Feel free to send me yours so I can laugh at you as well.

#1 - The Lost Boys - Sayid, Sawyer, Jack and Desmond. I realize that they should take four separate spots, but I'm only interested in what they look like/are on the ISLAND. In real life - Sawyer has this beautiful wife and like 17 children.....I would feel guilty about that.

#2 - Oded Fehr - He played Ardeth Bay - The Leader of a tribe called the Medjei in the movie The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. In real life - he's decent looking, yes. However - in the MOVIE - he's got these funky tattoos on his face and wears a long black robe that swirls around him when he kills monsters with a big ass machete. Yummy.

#3 - Viggo Mortensen - that man can ride a horse like no ones business

#4 - Matthew Perry - I know, I know - But I love this guy.

#5 - Johnny Virgil - Writer of 15 Minute Lunch. I've only seen a very small picture of him that was maybe about 7 pixels, so I'm not exactly sure what he looks like, however - damn, that man makes me laugh.

So, there you have it - I reserve the right to change my list at any time - -

Because, seriously - the chance of me running into Oded Fehr - in full costume with a machete -in the frozen food section of the Piggly Wiggly are pretty slim


Anonymous said...

“When it comes to sex, men can't help lying and women can't keep from telling the truth. I don't know which is worse.”
Boys Night Out (1962) - Kim Novak


Pops said...

I am just happy to see that your LIST did not include Johnny AssHat.

Brooke said...

OK, not only do I have a LIST, which changes weekly depending on what movies I have seen recently, but I have my List POSTED on my iGoogle page. Jeff has the link so that he is always on top of who I am allowed to "do" without repercussions.

Here is my curent list:

1) Colin Fuerguson (from Eureka)
2) Patrick Dempsey (becuase of Enchanted- NOT Grey's Anatomy)
3) Peter Petrelli (the CHARACTER, not the actor)
4) William Peterson (Gil from CSI)
5) Christian Bale (did you SEE him without his shirt in Batman? Swoon)
6) Billy Boyd (Pippin from LOTR)
7) Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood from Harry Potter, and YES, that is his real name)

If you would like your OWN copy of my List on YOUR iGoogle page, go HERE:



Brooke said...

I also want to add that until very recently, Naveen Andrews was on my list after seeing "Bride & Prejudice" until just a few weeks ago, and Matthew Perry was on my list for MONTHS while I was into "Studio 60". Occasionally, David Krumholtz gets on the list when I'm going through a "Numb3rs" phaze.

AND, if they were old enough, Orlando Bloom, Tom Welling, and Daniel Radcliffe would be on the list, too.

Johnny Virgil said...

HOLY CRAP! I finally made someone's non-shit list. I can now die a happy man. (#1: Evangeline Lilly)