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Do I consider myself a Survivor expert?

Well, yes...as a matter of fact, I do.

And by being a self proclaimed expert, I am here to tell you that if I have to see one more weak, er...I mean week, of Chet the Wonderless Boy - I'm going to throw up in my mouth.

I totally understand, and agree, with the art of voting out the stronger players because once the game goes individual challenge you won't stand a chance. However, and that's a BIG however, there is a time and place for that card to be played.

Tonight was not that night, nor last week, or the week before, etc. Chet has no place in this game. I'm still kind of confused as to why he was cast in the first place.

Interesting side note: I read an interview that was given to Jeff Probst before the season was even recorded, however, was not published until the cast was announced. Jeff's original view was that if Kathy even lasted past the first tribal council he was going to be surprised.

Well...Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.

Not only has she made it past all these tribal councils, but she's barely a bleep on the radar.

Is she my favorite survivor? Hell no... but she's at least holding her own weight.

This season is quickly irritating me as much as the original season with Johnny AssHat Fairplay....

Here are the facts:

Yes, you have to get rid of strong players before you go individual. Meaning, Ozzy Fish Man is going to have a target eventually - as he should. That immunity idol he has is going to need to be played carefully.

Weak, useless players have no business being there.

If Chet tried to pull his weight at camp - that WOULD make a difference. Catch some food, tend the fire, get firewood....hell... sweep the sand around the camp. But DO something.

That's my two cents.

I know that I, personally, have no place being there.....So, yes - I do feel as thought I can pass judgment on others.

See ya on the flip side.


Pops said...

Proves that the only person in that tribe with a brain is Cirie (sp?). She managed the whole thing to keep her ugly butt in the game .. and you want to talk about worthless ... Now that tribe can just get picked off one at a time until the final merge. But at the end she will be there. DumbAss Ozzie better watch his backside because he is the biggest threat to her and now she will get her worthless teammates to vote him off. He can swim like a fish, but he is dumber than a bag of rocks.