I signed up at Citizen of the Month a while ago to take part in the Great Interview Experiment and was thrilled to get the chance to interview Carmen, Mom to the Screaming Masses. I learned quickly that I may be decent at blogging, but any dreams I might have had of becoming the next Anderson Cooper have been shattered. However, Carmen humored me and answered my questions, even though I forgot about one of her children. Here is our interview.

#1 - Why did you start blogging?

I was home alone for long stretches of the day with my four children, pregnant with my fifth and wanting badly to stop feeling as if I was going crazy. I had stopped attending La Leche League and the local attachment parenting group - I no longer felt as if I belonged. No one had as many kids as I did, and I felt as if I had grown beyond what those groups offered. I sought interaction with others and thought I could get it on my blog.

#2 - It appears you have FIVE children. What would be the number one baby item that you could not have lived without?
Um, I actually have six. Seven if you count The Hubster. #1 baby item - it would have to be my baby sling. I used slings with all of my kids, carrying them until they were over 2. No one ever saw my babies faces until they were at least four months old, so great was my love for the sling. I have given away just about all of my baby stuff, but I kept my leopard print sling and my blue stripe Mei Tai. I LOVE slings. I've been known to accost people in stores and at church who are using them incorrectly, and giving impromptu lessons. I even sold them for a brief time.

#3 - When and how did you and your husband meet and fall in love? (And how did you get him to do the ironing the other day?) :)
I met my husband at church - I was selling Christmas wreaths for the youth group - I was 19 - and he was selling raffle tickets for the choir - he was 35. He joined the youth group at dinner after Mass, and we went to a movie that night. That was November 19, we got engaged November 30, and married December 16. A bit brief. How did I get him to iron? It's all about the (Catholic) guilt, baybee.

#4 - What would you consider to be your best trait?
I am persistent. That's about the best I can come up with right now.

#5 - What about your worst?
I'm stubborn and always convinced I'm right. Always. Even when I'm wrong.

#6 - If stuck on an island for a week (sounds nice huh?) and you can have one thing to eat, one drink and one book...What would they be?
One book is so easy - it'd be one of The Diana Gabaldon books, probably #4 - Drums of Autumn is my favorite. One thing to eat would either be a pizza of some kind or a pasta dish - yeah, I'm a carbohydrate/cheese/tomato addict. One drink - Diet Mt Dew or plain water. Or maybe the iced coffee that I make by the gallon. ;)

#7 - Clearly you've lost considerable weight...What was the hardest thing for you to overcome?
See above - I LOVE to eat carbohydrates - in the form of white bread and butter, cupcakes, cookies, pasta, cheese, and Mexican food. And booze. I love a good mixed drink or three.

#8 - What is it that you would like people to take away from your blog?
That parenting is hard. That it is hard for everyone, no matter how easy they make it look. That it's ok to lose your shit once in a while, to be human and say "I'm sorry - I made a mistake and screwed up."

#9 - Do you see yourself still blogging in say 5 years, even 10?
I sincerely hope I'll still be here and still have stuff to say - and that people will still want to read me!

#10 - 3 interesting facts about yourself that maybe we wouldn't know about you.
Huh. I won Most Talented in my high school beauty pageant. I can't sleep unless the room is totally dark, very quiet, cold - and not touched by anyone. (makes me a lousy wife, I know!). I am a romance novel junkie - although I skip the smutty parts - and don't read junk like Harlequin, but read many, many books in the course of a month.


Karen Sugarpants said...

I adore Carmen...great questions!

MadWoman said...

Awesome questions and great answers. I can't wait to check out more of her blog.