I read an interesting article in the waiting room of the dentist the other day. It was an article about 'famous' people (Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow, etc), and how they've "gone green". Julia Roberts, for example, hired a "Green Guru" to come into her home and tell her everything she should change....and then she changed it. Sheryl Crow is a huge activist and speaks all over the world about pollution and saving the earth. Jennifer Aniston takes two to three minute showers - she also brushes her teeth within those two minutes. She does this becuase the amount of water we use in TWO minutes in the shower is the same amount of water that someone in Africa would have for a WHOLE day - that includes drinking, cooking and bathing.

These are all great things, sure. However, I certainly can't afford a "Green Guru" (what the hell is that anyway??), and personally I can't move fast enough to shower in two minutes. It takes me two minutes just to open the door and step in. So that got me thinking...

How "green" am I?

I recycle all of our beer bottles and soda cans....and let me tell you that with the amount we drink....we recycle A LOT.

I request paper bags at the grocery store. Probably not as good as bringing my own bags, but the paper bags are then re-used in our house for empty beer bottle storage...and then recycled. So - double points for that right?

I've been using the same water bottle for months now - I just keeping refilling it. I try not to buy too many things that come in plastic bottles.

There are some things I just can't seem to do though.

I can't stand those light bulbs! You know the ones that cost a lot, but they'll last for like 200 years? The light that comes off of them is horrible - there is nothing about that light bulb that "simulates real sunshine".

I can't not drive. I mean I'm sure I COULD not drive, but I would have to get up at 3:00 in the morning to get her to school and get me to work on time. I suppose I could get a bike and ride my way through town...but I don't think my co-workers would be happy with my fragrance.

I know there is a lot more I could be doing. It would probably be pretty easy to make some changes in our routines.

But taking two minute showers just does not seem like an option for me.

So, what do YOU do? Have any of you tried those "green" household cleaners? How do they work?


Kid sister said...

I'll be honest, we do not do ANYTHING green unless it saves us money or is convenient... but we dont buy any drinks in cans or bottles or anything though, crystal light and tap water in a pitcher all the way!

mumma boo said...

I read the same article. If I had Julia's money, I could be alot greener, too. And, sorry, Jennifer, but the shower is often the only respite I have during the day, so two minutes ain't going to cut it. We do, however, recycle as much as we can, bring our own bags to the store, and try to group as many errands together to save gas. Haven't tried the green cleaners yet - mostly because we have a butt-load of cleaners in our closet that we're still trying to use up!

Big Kahuna said...

I've done some research in this area. The only "real" green cleaner (and "green" company) is Simple Green. They make a wonderful product that actually works. It is a small, family owned company that gets little publicity. The product is "green" and works. "Green Works" products are made by the company that makes Clorox (hey, they're green, right?)

Ms Picket To You said...

Method products. Love 'em. Plus they make me feel good about myself when I use them. To clean pee off the potty.