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I totally stole this idea from Undomestic Diva...but she kind of invited people to steal it...So, I don't think I'm breaking any major blogging rule by doing this.

If you've got some time (and I mean quite a bit of time), go check out YearbookYourself.com. Simply upload a picture of yourself and see what you look like through the ages.

This may be the only way I'll ever post a picture of myself.

Cinderella opens in theaters, and Silly Putter is introduced.
(i would have seriously sucked as a 1950's wife)
The Hula Hoop and Rice-A-Roni
Marilyn Monroe found dead & Johnny Carson hosts The Tonight Show
(what in the hell is that on top of my head)
The Supremes go to #1
(and clearly I think I AM one)
Watergate & The first issue of People Magazine (oh, and I was born)
(Marsha, Marsha, Marsha)
Blues Brothers on Saturday Night Live & Diff'rent Strokes premiere
(by the way - I'm seriously considering changing my hairstyle)
US Olympic Hockey Team beats Soviet Union & HP first personal computer
(the female equivalent to a bowl cut?)
Nelson Mandela inaugurated & Pilot episode of "ER"
(sad thing - this is actually not too far off the truth for me. Aqua Net anyone?)
Nintendo 64 goes on sale in US & Quake computer game is released
(I kind of like me as a blond)

Share your pictures/links here if you do them!


How to Party with an Infant said...

Love the pics and the trivia below them. The last two are funny 'cause in the aqua net one you look like you could kick blondie's ass and so you'd be kicking your own ass.

Ms Picket To You said...

once i find of picture of myself that is not obscured by sunglassed or children, i am so doing this.

MadWoman said...

Bwahahahaha That was fantastic!!! I think I just saw every hairstyle my mother has had since she was born in 1953.

Big Kahuna said...

That first photo looks very much like your Aunt Barbara when she was in High School in the 50's.