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Three weeks ago was our "take a week off and get shit done around the house" week. Day 1 of that week was removing sod from our front yard and moving it into the backyard. Yea. Removing the front yard, and putting it in the back. It's NOT as easy as it sounds. If you ever get the chance. Don't. Buy the sod and have it delivered.

Long story short is that I have no flower bed to speak of in the front yard...the previous owners either hated flowers or really liked clovers, weeds and some groupings of grass here and there. In addition, there is a huge area in the back yard that has nothing. Just nothing. Dirt. With weeds. So, kill two birds with one stone. Cut the big ass flower bed that I want, but cut the grass so we can keep it, roll it up and sod the back dirt pit.

Day 2 found us asking our 5 year old daughter to wipe our butts for us because we couldn't lift our own arms.

We were no where close to being finished after Day 1, but given that there was no way I was bending down and picking up a shovel, we decided that Day 2 would be errand day. There were some odds and ends that needed to get picked up and one of those things were some inexpensive drapes from Ikea...which is unfortunately about 45 minutes away....and the website wouldn't let me order them online. Clever bastards.

Off we go to Ikea - when about halfway there my husband tells me a story of how, in his youth, he and his friends used to make a day out of going to Ikea. They would all carpool, and drive the hour and spend the day...hanging out at Ikea. I, of course, spent the next 20 minutes making fun of him and explaining how fortunate it was that he married me and that I saved him from such a life. I finished off by explainging that I have never BEEN to Ikea. Ever.

His response was simply: oh crap.

"What? No. It's not a problem. We're just going to run in and get the drapes. I really don't like their stuff anyway. I look at the catelogs, and all their stuff seems kind of plastic and modern....Not really my style. Just the drapes. Then we'll head home and take a nap."

Did you know that Angels sing when you walk into Ikea?

4 hours later.....I got my new drapes...

an entertainment center and new bedroom furniture.


Dana's Brain said...

I have never been to IKEA either. Apparently, for the good of our bank account, I should stay away.

Mad Woman said...

Oohhh the choirs of angels! How sweet their sound as they sing their angelic tunes through the store, enticing me to buy more :)