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It's not every day you get interviewed by someone....It's hard not to feel a bit special about the whole thing.  Yes, yes...it's an "experiment" set up by Neil over at Citizen of the Month where hundreds of people are participating...but it's still pretty damn cool when someone takes the time to read your blog, put together questions and then tell THEIR readers about you.  And from the looks of it - he and I have very different readers.

This was even more exciting for me since last year, during the same experiment, I got the opportunity to interview Carmen from Mom to the Screaming Masses...(which despite forgetting about one of her children, worked out pretty well)...But the person that was supposed to interview me never followed through.  SO.....this really made up for that.

He's already a favorite of mine...But that's because he said I made him laugh....Oh, he's also from Texas. All he has to do now is show up at my front door with a six pack and I'll leave my husband.

underOvr posted his interview with me today.  Go check it out

I'll be posting my interview with Lisa early next week...So, make sure you come back for that as well.


underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hot damn woman!

You sure know how to put a lump in a fella's throat. A six-pack you say?

All kidding aside, I've enjoyed reading your posts and getting to interview you. You keep writing em, I'll keep reading em.


Lisa (aka LadyWanderlust) said...

Isn't funny how a Texan interviewed a Texan who interviewed another Texan! Viva La Lonestar State! I'm must glad that I am not one of the transplated ones!!!

I loved reading about you,especially since you got to pick my brain. OMG, LARGE DIET COKE with EXTRA ICE. Why would I drink a soad WITHOUT ice? Ick. My mom makes me order her Rootbeers WITHOUT ice and I nearly vomit. I really enjoyed doing the interview with you. Great questions. Can't wait to read the post. :)

kys said...

That was a great interview!