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Couple Monday morning tidbits for you today:

Every morning after we get dressed, Andie stands on the toilet seat and I do her hair. She decides how many rubber bands, one or two, and what color she would like. This morning she decided on two - which is rare - since she's not a huge fan of getting her hair brushed. So, with pigtails done we venture downstairs to begin the quest for the shoes when she stops in front of the hall mirror to examine her new 'do'... at which points she tells me:

"I'm as pretty as a cow"

Not a butterfly, Not a bird....but a cow. Ok........Sure! Now.... while I don't find cows overly REPULSIVE creatures - I have also never thought while driving down the street - "What a magnificent cow!".

But hey - if she thinks they are pretty....More power to her. I just hope she doesn't grow up to be a vegetarian! :)


Hair done, shoes found and juice box in hand, we start climbing into the Mommy Van to head off for another exciting day of learning and play—when she excitedly tells me, again, that she’s pretty. What follows is our conversation on our way to school.

“I pretty!”

“Yes, baby—you’re very pretty”

“You and me! Pretty!”

“Why thank you!”

“Andie has big hair like mama!”

“Hmm...Mama has big hair?”


“Daddy has no hair”

“No, baby—Daddy doesn’t have any hair”

“Mama took it all”



Sandy said...

There are several commercials where there is talk about attractive and contended cows. You never know in what context she was told cows are pretty. My friend Janet's daughter made her a book for Mother's Day and one of the things it said was" My Mom is as pretty as ____________". Her daughter had filled in " a boy turkey". Now I had just been to a farm market place and seen the boy turkey she had seen on a field trip the week before and she was right he was amazing and very pretty! So you never know!

Tacitus said...

"Mama took it all!" ROFL