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These last few weeks I've been intentionally seeking out 'humor' any way that I can. Our "On Demand" button on the cable is about to be worn off in my endless search of mindless comedy flicks and stand up comedians. My online time is being spent searching the depths of comedy central watching .52 second clips of every comedian imaginable just to get a couple chuckles - in what has otherwise been a crappy couple of weeks.

I'm a huge fan of stand up comedy, always have been. Never have had the brain capacity to watch and/or follow such comedians at the Jon Stewarts, Bill Mahers or Stephen Colbert. I'm certainly not saying they aren't brilliant comedians ... but it can be a bit over my head at times - and quite frankly, sometimes politics just bore me. However, give me some Blue Collar Comedy tour and I'm as happy as a redneck with a double wide and a six pack of bud.

Which brings me to our comedian of the day. Jeff Dunham.
That's pronounced Jeff Dunham....Not....Jef F Dun Ham. (that will make sense if you watch his latest stand up routine)

This is a man who makes his living, and not doing a bad job of it, by sticking his hand up the ass' of puppets and making them talk. Yes, he's a ventriloquist.

Anyway - His characters range from Walter - The Old Grumpy Old Man, Peanut - The Purple Alien, and of course - "Jose, The JalapeƱo On A Stick" (which is exactly what it sounds like ... a talking pepper with a stick up his butt).

If you get the chance - check this guy out. I was under the impression that he's only been around for a while - but there are clips in here with Johnny. I would also like to point out - if you've read anything over time about comedians and Johnny....Getting invited over to the chairs was a HUGE deal.

So, here's the daily dose of humor for today. I hope you get a kick out of this guy as much as I do. I really think for doing what he does - he's very clever and quick....And the actual human is pretty funny too.....


Brooke said...

How BIZZARE! Our family has been on a HUGE Jef-f Dun-HAM (dot-com!) kick for weeks now!

He has actually been around for a long time- when Jeff and I were dating, we saw him- back when Jose was new, and Peanut was a different color.

Have you seen his Comedy Central special? PRICELESS