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This last weekend - the husband and I were both pretty just "out of it". We've spent about two weeks now of weird sleeping patterns due to the spawns desire to watch Jo Jo's Circus at 4:00 in the morning. We're not exactly sure WHY she's getting up so damn early. Maybe she has to pee - maybe she had a bad dream - or maybe she's just a whack job. Regardless of what the issue is - she's the type of child that once she wakes up...That's it. She's up.

We were hoping that moving her into her new and improved room would at least alleviate the desire to sit in bed with US on these mornings. Given the fact that she has more room to play and move, plus the addition of the television....(and the addition of Odin - God of Fur).....That would enable her sleep deprived parents to lay in bed a bit longer to stare at the ceiling, declaring "today....she is YOUR daughter".

Alas, this really hasn't seemed to help much. There is still the every 15 minute request for something. We try to head these requests off early. We pee, get a banana, get juice, turn the tv on, hand her some toys - and then head back to bed. It's amazing what she'll come up with just to make us interact with her.

Anyway, like I said, given the sleep pattern - this last weekend - we were sort of just 'vegged' (lay like broccoli).

At some point during the Sunday session of being human steamed vegetables, and apparently NOT
paying a whole lot of attention to our daughter, she drew this.

Ok...yes, I realize it's a goofy drawing of what SHE says is a bunny. However, that isn't my point. I realize that I'm slightly biased....but I think this is BRILLIANT for a three year old. I mean - Seriously! She's only three!!!!

I'm still not entirely convinced that she did this herself. When he handed the etch a sketch thing to me to show me, I actually complemented HIM on his drawing! He corrected me and let me know that she did it.

Again - I'm not so sure.

I've been trying to get her to duplicate some resemblance of this since Sunday, and all I've gotten is squiggle lines and mush.

Time will tell I suppose.

I do think that if anything shows up again though - I'll be looking into some toddler art classes.

She may not be able to name a dog anything more creative than "Dog"....but she's a Picasso in the making!