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While although my husband will argue the roots of this story....

Many moons ago, I had a boyfriend who had a dog. A beautiful, very well behaved and trained Golden Retriever named Thor. Now, although the DOG was beautiful, well behaved and trained - the boyfriend lacked those qualities. Even though it took a VERY long time - He was eventually kicked to the curb. Shortly after the very tumultuous breakup - Michael would say that one day he was going to get a dog and name him Odin.

Let's rewind MANY MANY moons ago to the world of Norse Mythology. Thor was the God of Thunder - typically depicted in pictures with his big ass hammer riding a chariot and fighting the giants. He was also the son of Odin. It is written that Thor surpassed his father in popularity - many believe that his popularity with the people was due to the fact that, unlike his father, Thor did not require human sacrifice. (Personally - I would be a big fan of that as well).

However popular Thor was, his powers would certainly not surpass his Fathers. Odin - known as the God Of War, Battle and Death - was also known for his magic and powers to tilt a battle in the way he wanted. His trickery, cunning and deception were also a handy trait when he wanted
to swindle the blood of Kvasir from the dawrves.

However, I digress.

So, as stated Michael wanted to get a dog, specifically a big dog, and name him Odin. Now, I'm not entirely sure it was because he wanted his dog to "subconsiously" be better then the bad boyfriends dog - Or if he actually literally wanted his dog to EAT the bad boyfriends dog....I suppose we'll never know.

However, we now have our big dog.

Meet Odin - God Of Fur

What?? You think I'm crazy??? Of course he isn't real. He is however almost the full length and width of the spawns twin bed - and very soft.

This is the great thing about being a Grandparent I think. All the things that we would never dream of buying our own children - I think the grandparents take a certain joy in getting them.

I also think that they had a great time getting it for her and presenting her with it - Not to mention the amount of children that they made almost pee in their pants in the middle of Costco. I imagine every six year old that was there was given a glimmer of hope that if another adult was to buy this massive mattress of a dog - than maybe their parents would as well.

She named him "Dog". She may be brilliant - but she's not very creative it seems. So, after some thinking I helped her out and asked if mommy could name him for her. She didn't really seem to care all that much.

So, I was finally able to give him his big dog and name him Odin. He watches over her as she sleeps and hangs out on the floor at the foot of her bed.


Pops said...

I am highly in favor of dogs that do NOT make poops in the back yard (or on the carpet).

Welcome Odin !

Sandy said...

Odin reminds me of your father's Huge Pipeline hippo. He will certainly cushion the floor should she manage to fall out of bed again! He really is wonderful!