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Not too long ago my husband and I had a home that didn't require the purging of winter items. I didn't have to pull half of my wardrobe out, cram them into those crappy ass plastic bags, suck all the air out, and haul them to the basement. Young and stupid - three luxury levels of closets, upgraded appliances, and what I seem to recall as a "luxury bath".

Then we had a child. And now we're young, stupid and broke - in a house where my husband and I share a bathroom that we both can't fit in at the same time.

Why the move? We didn't have a yard. We didn't have a space for a swing set. We didn't have neighbors. And while although we are cramped and I'm bitchy about my kitchen, bathroom, closets, creaky floors and endless weeds (OH THE WEEDS!!!)..... we couldn't be happier in our small, over priced creaky floor small ass bathroom house.

However, with the move into the house I lost my office. We've moved my desk from room to room about a million times, and we've finally settled on changing the "formal living room" into my office. I can keep my office clean for when people come over, and I've managed to minimize my "stuff" into one armoire. And really - does ANYONE require a "formal living room".

I know no one that's formal. And if I did ... They aren't invited to my house.

I organized my armoire today.

The fruits of my labor.

See all that shit. That was an entire office worth of crafting supplies that has been organized into one armoire. Granted, a huge armoire. Take a good look
at ALL that stuff. I love my stuff - My paper, brads, tape, paint, stickers and stamps. And do you want to know what I MAKE with all that stuff.

This tacky ass butt ugly box for my daughter. She says she wants a box with flowers on it for her rubber bands. I say "Honey, I have four years worth of scrap booking of your life that I have yet to do. Don't you want a scrapbook to look at when YOU have children?" She says no. She NEEDS a box for her rubber bands. I say, "Ok". Because I'm a big marshmallow.


Dana's Brain said...

I think the box is awesome! Granted, I flunked crafts so I'm not sure what my opinion counts for.

I hear you about the weeds, man. I hate those weeds!

mumma boo said...

The box is adorable and she'll keep it full of her treasures for a long, long time.

We did the same thing with my "office" - moved it from room to room. I finally got it set up in one corner of the unfinished part of the basement just the way I like it. Yeah, the hubby uses it for his desk now. Turkey.

Aunt Becky said...

that box rules. I want one for my rubber bands.

Aunt Becky said...

oh! and i think i finally got you in my reader! stupid reader denying me.