I think that in general, most groups of people - be them friends, family or whatever your "group" of people may be - have certain interesting things that you say to each other that only you understand. Little phrases or catch words that mean something to you - but would probably not mean anything to an outsider. Some would consider it an inside joke, or a "you had to be there" kind of thing.

Perfect example: I could say to any number of people in my family
"And then his head blew up"........ and their response would be.........
"And that would be REALLY funny"...........

I honestly have NO idea why we do this. No. Seriously. I have no memory of WHY we started doing this. Or even if I was around when this happened. But I know we do it. And I know it's funny as hell.

My sister and I probably have more of these little things than other members of the family. I could break out into a rendition of "Oh it's fun to be obnoxious..." a catchy little tune that she and I made up when I was about 13 years old - and she would happily sing along.

Anyway!! The point of all of this was that along the way she and I also started having a passion for sign that made no sense. It started with a sign at Disney World that CLEARLY said "No Throwing Confetti". For real. It was a sign with no words, but a picture of person throwing confetti in the air, and a big X through it.

We were unaware that Disney had such a confetti throwing problem.

You are also strongly discouraged from dancing on roller coasters.

She recently returned from a fabulous island tour, which I won't go into much detail about, because I'm jealous as hell. But she found this gem for me.

I have NO idea what this means.

The only thing that we could come up with was that on this particular island it's better to stay in a group because the local midget colony may attack you if you separate. It's a whole safety in numbers thing. It appears from the sign that it's also best to keep the transparent people in the front of the pack. I'm not entirely sure why.


Dana's Brain said...

That is awesome!! That is also the weirdest sign I have ever seen. Clearly, your interpretation makes the most sense.

Sarah said...

oh man, i love these - and i have one for you. In parks in Paris there are giant signs with a stick figure man and a stick figure little girl holding hands with a big x through it. For about two years the only thing I could think of was "NO SINGLE PARENT FAMILIES" only to find out it actually means "NO PEDAPHILES" which is kind of more rediculous because...do they really think that signs gonna help?

mumma boo said...

Clearly you are supposed to break into a rousing rendition of "We Are Family!" by Sister Sledge whenever you see that sign. Apparently, it's a very happy island.

Thanks for stopping by the other day! Hope the headaches are getting better.

Lisa said...

I would guess that the transparent people are used as some sort of invisible force shield. They act as one more layer of protection against the indigenous canabalistic midgets. But again, just a guess.

C-Rah said...

That's hilarious. Now I'm gonna be on the lookout for random signs.

-B said...

"No Single Parent Families"... Sarah, that's hillarious. And I agree... DO they really think a pediphile is going to be on his way into an amusement park, see that sign, and go, "Oh, damn. I'll have to go somewhere else to find little children- I wouldn't want to disobey the sign!" Right.

I also really like the idea of the transparent people being like an invisible force field... Good thinking!