My daughter's school has been great about this Swine Flu thing. They've been sending reports home almost every day with the precautions that they've taken and/or will take. They've sent home sheets on what to look for, what to do and who to call.

If I wasn't happy with her school before, I am now.

One of the biggest things they've done is institute some new hand washing rules, and have had some good discussions with the kids on the why's and when's of hand washing.

And I mean 'you shall wash your hands or big meanies will come and take all your barbies and play-doh and throw them in the trash' kind of talks.

It seems to be working.

My daughter is BESIDE HERSELF that I don't have laminated signs in every bathroom in my house with proper hand washing techniques. Throw yourself on the ground tantrum kind of upset.

"How will I know to wash my hands if there IS NOT A SIGN!?!?!?"


Mad Woman said...

Well really, you're clearly failing in your job as her parent if you don't have laminated signs everywhere!!!

Hehe...sounds like the school is doing some good work there and taking some good precautions. Maybe these hand washing lessons will stick with the kids even after all this piggie flu is behind us.

Heather said...

Get her to make the signs. =)

Big Kahuna said...

Now then .. think about when her school teaches her about Global Warming, the wonders of abortion or how evil white people are ... What will you do then?

KidSister said...

Yeah, my mom told me about the day I learned that smoking kills (I assumed instantly, however)... I was about 5 years old and I saw her light up a cigarette and went into an all out histeria crying "MOMMY DONT DIE DONT DIE MOMMY DONT DIE!"... she didn't smoke for another 15 years.

Aunt Becky said...

Ben wanted me to make signs to detail how PRECISELY to take a poo. All the steps, including wiping and flushing.

I said no.

C-Rah said...

Been hearing about schools even closing their doors for a while because of this swine flu thingy. There was a confirmed case in the county just south of us. My hands have never been washed this much in all my life.