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The rain will not stop. We've been discussing going to Home Depot for lumber because I'm sure two of each animal will be showing up at any time now.... Rain makes me crabby. So, here are some things that have made me not crabby lately.

  • We have a horrible drainage problem in our backyard...so my husband spent about six hours on Saturday pulling out old rotting lumber that had been drilled about six feet into the ground by Andre the Giant. I jumped in to help....Which did not work at all. He did not laugh at me at all. Which was nice. So, I spent the six hours making sure our daughter didn't impale herself on six foot long screws. Seriously...what asshole made this patio.
  • I'm totally hooked on McDonald's coffee. How cheap can I be? Now that they have that whole McCafe thing going on.....Instead of spending five bucks on a cup of coffee - I can get a large cup of coffee for like a buck and a quarter and don't have to use stupid words when I order. It's just LARGE and COFFEE. I'm nothing if not easy.
  • I've created a whole fantasy world in my head where I'm going to make money on Etsy. I realize that I'm like five years behind the ball on this. But if/when I get some stuff up there - I expect all of you to buy my ugly crap. No, I insist you buy my ugly crap. If not, I'll spread vicious rumors about all of you.
  • My secret love for Mommy Wants Vodka is out in the open. I actually told her that if I was a lesbian I would ask her to be my girlfriend. That's how lame I am. But so far she hasn't, like, banned me from her website or rejected my emails.
  • My husband and I got a "date day" yesterday. We dropped off the kid and got like four hours to ourselves. I imagine when other parents get time off they do adult things. They stimulate their brains with fascinating conversation. They enjoy adult beverages and discuss politics, religion...their hopes and dreams. We spent $40 dollars at the movie theatre. We saw "Monsters vs. Aliens".... a movie we totally could have taken her to see.
  • Next to the internet, light beer, and bacon....Hulu has got the be one of the greatest inventions. Ever.

What's making you happy?


HeatherPride said...

Oh my. I do not envy your husband with that patio work! My husband and I ripped off an old deck and put in a patio by hand a few years ago - omg. It was butt-busting work!! Yeeeeesh.

Dana's Brain said...

Oh the rain. It has killed us this year, we are living in a virtual freaking swamp over here. I'm so dreading mosquito season.

Usually when my husband and I have time off together we take a nap. No conversation there!

Aunt Becky said...

Dude. You'd better be my girlfriend.