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the very loud pop yesterday coming from the general D.C. Metro area yesterday...

Don't concern yourself.

It was just my brain. Exploding all over the pharmacy counter.

You see, as ya'll already know, my doctors have me medicated on this and that for these migraines. And I'm blessed in at least the fact that my insurance, while although won't pay but $10 dollars towards a dental cleaning, will pay for a good portion of my medications.

So, you can imagine my surprise when trying to pick up my monthly prescription....Only about 12 hours before I need to get on a plane to travel back home to San Antonio to meet family for my Grandmothers funeral...that should the pharmacist tell me that I owe him $400.


I would love to tell you that I kept my cool under pressure...that I calmly and rationally explained to the newbie that this simply was not the case, and if he could please go back and recheck the files.

But instead I cried like 4 year old little girl that was denied ice cream at her own birthday party.

Turns out that my insurance WILL cover my migraine medication....It was simply a case of THIS pharmacist trying to give me medications that BELONGED TO SOMEONE ELSE.


Dana's Brain said...

Oh honey. I would have cried too! I hope you have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

And it was then ... when he realized his error ... that you ripped his manhood off and stuffed it into a prescription bottle?


Aunt Becky said...

Bwahahaha! What Pops said. I heart that.