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Driving home after buying mayonnaise.

Me: "Hey, this Saturday is our Anniversary isn't it?"
Him: "Oh, yea? Yea - I guess it is."
Me: "How long have we been married?"
Him: "Nine years?"
Me: "Um...no. Dork. Six Years."
Him: "Are you sure?"
Me: "Yes, I'm sure. You take her age, and add two."

5 minutes later

Him: "I don't think that's right"
Me: "Yea, I was just thinking that. But I know nine years isn't right either"
Him: "Cause if you take her age and add two, we've been married for six and a half...and that's a stupid time to celebrate an anniversary"
Me: "Yea. That's like celebrating a month of going out in high school. Who celebrates six and a half years?
Him: "I think its seven years"
Me: "Ok. That sounds good. Let's go with seven"


Lisa said...

Your post made me laugh. My husband and I celebrated out 8th two years in a row because we couldn't remember how long we'd been married! At least I think it was our 8th.... :)

-B said...

I guess it's genetic. One year, I actually forgot HOW OLD I WAS. I truely believed that I was 34 and was about to be 35. I told people for over 6 months that I was about to have my 35th birthday.

On my birthday, Jeff sat down with a piece of paper and did the math and PROVED to me that I was turning 34 that day.

Stupid, yes, but a cool gift- I got a YEAR for my birthday!