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Few years ago when I started this little thing, I gave myself a few rules.

Rule #1. I don't post pictures of my kid. That's not a dig at people that do...It's just I have an extremely over active imagination and I can't control who reads here...and I'm quite certain that there is a crazy stalker out there that is looking for a kid that looks exactly like mine and will be able to tell my exact GPS coordinates from one picture.

Rule #2. I don't talk crap about my family. Well, not like serious crap.

Good rules I think. One gives me piece of mind - and the other keeps my ass out of trouble.

About 16 of us had all flown into San Antonio for my Grandmothers funeral (it was a beautiful service by the way) and we were all sitting around the pool at the hotel, drinking and visiting - and someone (and quite honestly I couldn't even tell you who it was at this point) said something kind of stupid and I said something to the effect of..."Damn it...I always said I wouldn't blog about you people!!!"

Well, my older sister was sitting right next to me.

Apparently, she's the exception to my rule...and pointed it out to me.

So, I've gone back and read a bit over the last year or so.

And she's right. I do talk about her a lot.

I'm SURE it's because she's tougher skinned than all of the rest.

And NOT because she just does weirder stuff than all the rest.

As a side note, my mother explained to me this weekend that I was, in fact, allowed to talk about serious crap on here. As long as it was NICE crap about her, and BAD crap about me.

I don't think I'll be asking them to guest post at any time in the future....You are sure to get stories of the SWAT team knocking on the door....or the time I accidentally took all the water out of the pool.


Kidsister said...

Who needs to guest post when there is a comment section!!

Dana's Brain said...

I'm really looking forward to that pool story! I don't talk smack about my family either - it's not that there isn't the occasional thing to talk smack about, I just wouldn't do it. I think even if they didn't read my blog I wouldn't - just seems kind of smarmy.

Jacki said...

I think I've broken most of your rules! I used to worry about it but since my entire family reads the blog and my friends too I give up. I think it's their way of being able to make sure I'm still alive and OK and I don't have anything bad to say (most of the time!)

HeatherPride said...

That is too funny!! Although, I am looking very forward to hearing the story about the SWAT team!!