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Five days ago it was 45 degrees.

Today it's 93.

Apparently my air conditioning is a bit....pissed.

As I type this my husband is downstairs with a hair dryer trying to thaw out the system, and my daughter and I are laying on my bed with all the windows open, every fan on, and bitching.

We've both taken cool showers and put on very light pj's. The only thing that's making our evening better is that the Blue's Clue's video is on.

Can you hear my joy?


Dana's Brain said...

I hope there is at least a cold beer or cocktail beside you while you watch Blue.

I've been cursing the winter for so long, it's just karma being a bitch that today was tortuously hot!

Aunt Becky said...

We're having the same problem! Humidity here is like 90%. Blech!