I am often in awe of the genius of marketing. How someone can package and sell something so effectively, that even though we KNOW we don't need or even want one, we'll buy it anyway, because we honestly think it'll make our lives better.

This has to be the number one motto of the warehouse store. I don't know what it is in your area, but here, it's Costco. And I've yet to meet anyone who can "run in real quick for milk".

Today was that day for us. We haven't been in forever, because quite frankly we can't get back out again with our shirts on. But we needed to stockpile on a few things - and we were heading in that direction anyway.

We actually gave ourselves a pep talk before we left the house. Stay clear of the middle area....that's where they hit you with movies, books and toys. Watch out for the lady on every turn giving away free food. Sharp left at the pastry department. And under no circumstances are we to walk into the electronic section.

But even with the pep talk and the directions - somehow when I come face to face with a 96 pound tub of mayonnaise...I have to have it. I don't need, nor do I WANT that much mayo....but at only $4.97 for 96 pounds it's a steal...and I'll feel as though I'm extremely special for owning this mayonnaise. All my friends will be jealous. They'll come from miles and miles just to see my mayo.

So, instead of just getting diet coke....we had to rearrange the entire garage to make room for our haul.

Wanna come over and see my mayo?


Big Kahuna said...

Now .. THAT's funny

HeatherPride said...

Sure, I'll be right there!! I have a 100-packet box of oatmeal from Costco I can bring over too!

emlsmom said...

We have been Costco members for 20 years,where we perform a "weekly pilgrimage".The employees know us by name and no longer ask to see our membership card when we walk in. They even ask about the kids and have been worried when we didn't come in for 2 weeks. Nearly everything we own (tv's/furniture/computers/tires/home & auto insurance/and yes - even our recent minivan) we got through you guessed it. I can safely say its an obsession.