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It's been pointed out to me that I have a few "favorite" phrases. Certain words/phrases that litter my every day talking. These phrases are:

"Clearly" as in:
"Clearly, I should not quit my day job and blog full time"


"OK Seriously?" as in:
"OK Seriously? Yes, that dress does make your ass look like the back end of a Volkswagen!"

Now that MY favorites have been pointed out to me - Let's pick on some other people shall we?

My friend:
"No stretch of the imagination"
She uses this all the time. I can only assume that to her, the majority of her friends have very uninspired imaginations, and can therefore never move beyond the ordinary.

My Daughter
"I'll like ___ when I'm six"
Not making that up. I have a list of about 30 things that she has decided she does not like at all - but she will when she turns 6. Her birthday party is going to be very strange if I decide to serve all the things that she will instantaneously start liking. Broccoli, broiled chicken and yogurt make for one bitchin' 6th birthday party.

Our very own - Ms. Picket
Apparently her kids are extremely bright, however, their mother can't spell the word wicked (....you know I poke at ya honey...I love ya more than my luggage)

My husband:
"Doesn't Surprise Me"
Swear to God, that's his favorite response to anything I say.
ME: Holy Shit, Honey! Bill Gates came into my office today and starting giving free computers away.
HIM: Hmmm....doesn't surprise me....He's probably trying to work on his image.

The only way that story would surprise him would have been if Jessica Biel had delivered those computers....Naked.

My Sister:
"However, Comma"
Let me make this very clear....she says the word comma. I would really love for her to start vocalizing ALL punctuation.
"Hey Exclamation Mark Do you want to go grab a beer question mark There's a bar around the corner period"

Ok Exclamation Point Your turn period What's your 'word' question mark


Anonymous said...

I didnt realize i say "Sweet" all the time until the other day talking to my mom she made a comment and added "...Or in your words SWEET"
Pretty bad when your mom calls you out! LOL

Kid Sister said...

My friend's 11 year old daughter asked her one day "Is Valerie young? because she says 'like' a lot"... Sometimes I wonder if I will be, like, 80 years old and still, like, using that word... like

miko564 said...

Being from RI, I know "wikkid sma't" very well.

The monkey likes "silly", everyone is silly, everything is silly, blah, blah, blah.

HeatherPride said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by The Short Bus earlier!

This post is hilarious. I love the broccoli/chicken/yogurt combo at the birthday party. You be sure to let us know how that goes!!

Tiffi33 said...

I am bog for saying at the end of a statement that has a specific point 'ya know?'
also 'for the LOVE of GOD' (reserved for children driving me crazy..)
and jaysus H christ..(bad bad bad..)
also 'I am diggin' that___(insert whatever I 'dig' here)

the kids..'HANG ON' when I ask them to do ANYTHING.

Ms Picket To You said...

now wait one MINUTE.

i also write rekkid instead of record.

clearly, I am wikkid smaht. no, seriously.

Dana Whitaker said...

So, anyway, it seems that I start an awful lot of sentences with "So..."