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I've always enjoyed clicking on the "recent keyword activity" button on my stat counter, and look through the truly bizarre things that people type into Google...and get to me somehow.

I'm quite certain that unless they actually typed in Minivan Soapbox, they were very disappointed when they got here.

You would not believe the amount of hits I get on the words "RachelRaySucks"...which is unfortunate, because I don't mind her at all - but I wrote a post about a millions years ago about how sad it was that someone could hate someone else so much, that they would devote their time and a website to how much they hate them.

Some other interesting searches that have landed people at my door...

take the responsibility choke experiment - Is this like those trust tests, where you fall backwards into a friends arms? Or should we translate it literally...How responsible are you with your choking? If you kill them....You get a fail grade?

need a pimp - I honestly don't think that Pimps advertise on the internet. But what the hell do I know? Maybe they do....I'm sure somewhere on Craigs List.

aggressive famous actors - Apparently, the normal run of the mill actor won't do for this person

broccoli soap selling - Ummmm....No. Just no. Don't ever try to sell soap that smells like broccoli. I mean, seriously, no good can come from this.

And an unbelievable amount of people are apparently looking to put in mini blinds and or window treatments on the windows of their minivan...And apparently they think my website is going to help them....Not so much.


miko564 said...

Do you have a list? I'd like to know who are considered the aggressive famous actors. How famous do they have to be? If a Broadway star is really mean, can he make the list? Just Wondering.

Ms Picket To You said...

i'll admit it: i was the broccoli soap selling one.

MadWoman said...

I love looking at the keywords. Just recently someone found me by searching for "how to have a body like the pussycat dolls". I'm pretty sure they're in the wrong place.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

I can confirm that Pimps do use craigslist.

Maybe you should open up a minivan blind shop. Serious coins, I'm tellin' ya.