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Some jobs have to be done all the time. Toilets, laundry, dishes, etc. Some jobs only need to be done every so often. And there are those jobs, that always seem to take a back seat. Spring cleaning, organizing the garage, cleaning the top of the fridge.

Today was pantry assessment day.

When I got back from the grocery store, I realized that the food that was actually able be put away, was directly proportional to the amount of space I had left in the pantry. Therefore, half of today's shopping was going to have to stay on the counter.

So everything came out. Everything.

Now how many women do you know that would be willing to show everyone all their crap AND their messy kitchen?

First I would like to know why I felt inclined to buy Creamy Broccoli in a box. Second, I would like to know why I've held on to it for three years. Do you suppose every time I saw it I thought "Hmmm, not today - but maybe tomorrow I'll be in the mood for processed creamy broccoli"...

My dreams of fashioning the longest pasta necklace will soon come to pass.

I'm sure I'm keeping this for sentimental reasons. DOES Chicken Broth go bad?

What the shit is this doing in my house? Not only is it instant...but it's decaf? AND it's half empty? WTF?!?!

Sadly, I remember buying this. It was back when I was younger and wanted to be classy with my girlfriends and we made Mimosas. Even sadder is that I was about 24....which means I have packed and unpacked this damn bottle for 10 years, through two marriages and three houses.

Ironic, don't you think, that someone who very rarely cooks has this many fuckin' bottles of spices?

This had to have been a gift. Foengreek Seed? What the hell is that? (fyi - spell checker doesn't even know what the hell it is)

Here's another one. I'm sure you Chef's out there are rolling your eyes at me and thinking how sad I am because I don't utilize my Sate and Foengreek Seed spices...but I can honestly tell you I have never seen a recipe that called for it.

Seriously? Pickling Spice? As in the thing you use when you want to PICKLE SOMETHING? I don't even EAT things that are pickled...I'm sure as hell not going to MAKE something pickled.

So, there you go ya'll. The contents of my pantry. Maybe next week we can have a tour of my bathroom cabinet. I'm sure we'll find some treasures under there. Maybe toxic mascara from 1989.


Big Kahuna said...

I know a chef ... I'll have him review your spices and give you some input ...

The idea of you "pickeling" something puts me into extensive laughter ....

MadWoman said...

What?! You don't know where the Foengreek Seed came from or what to do with it? Are you kidding me?

Yeah, neither do I...and I don't know where mine came from either.

I bet you could use it to make that creamy broccoli better!

What I found funny is that you found all this in your "panty". Sounds like a party in your drawers :)

Carolyn...Online said...

Brave woman. I'm afraid to empty mine. My favorite part of that post was at the very end where you wrote, "The contents of my PANTY." Was that intentional?

-k said...

Meg & Caroline...No not intentional..No one would want to see the contents of my panty....Grandma drawers are not very sexy....

miko564 said...

That is one of the funnies things I've read in a long time!

The "decaf instant" has to be a visit from an older relative...I think we have Sanka somewhere.

miko564 said...

Or funniest. Damn 1st comment and I screwed it up.