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For the most part, I consider myself a tidy person. I like for things to be where they belong - safe and snug in their hiding places - leaving counter tops and tables clear. Shirts and sweaters folded and put away - shoes placed on the shoe rack.

Then I had a child.

The former tidy-self I was is still in there - and tries to break free every so often - but to be honest, keeping up with the clutter is an often pointless task.

Who knew children required so much crap. In the beginning it was just bottles and bibs, which I could store in cabinets. But now it's every Lego imaginable, Play-Doh, 40 Barbies with their matching outfits, 28 trees worth of coloring books, puzzles, games, movies, train sets and those fucking toys you get at McDonald's.

It's everywhere.

Since I can't keep up with the clutter, I will make wise decisions in my furniture. Every coffee table I own is hollow or has drawers. The ottoman is hollow. I have baskets everywhere in the house for random droppings. My husband even has a basket for his keys, phone, change and iPod.

But now I have a basket problem.

They're fuckin' everywhere. I don't know where the hell anything is - because it's hiding place could be in any one of the 50 baskets strategically placed around the house. If I have to walk over something, I'll just pick it up and put it in the closest one.

If Princess Barbie wants to have a whole outfit, she'll have to travel to every room in the house, because I assure you one shoe will be in the bedroom basket, while the other will be in the kitchen basket.

The reason for this post? I cleaned and organized the kitchen/living room on Tuesday. We've managed to keep it clean for TWO. WHOLE. DAYS.


Ms Picket To You said...

I have that basket problem. Or should I say I had. I realized that 20 baskets filled with crap was doing me no good. When the baskets filled up, I just hauled in more baskets.

I like tidy and can organize like a champ -- like twice, maybe three times a year. I know have 8 baskets in the basement empty.

And shit all over the floor. Or in drawers. Sigh.

PS: the code below? it says "ymama" which is obviously a sign from the gods.