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Shopping online apparently does have it's down side.

My name and address has been sold to so many marketing companies - I'm getting Holiday catalogs for pet supplies - and I don't have a pet.

So, therefore - Today we begin the great catalog Count Off of 2007. How many catalogs will I receive in the mail up to Christmas Day?

Maybe if we are smart enough - at the end we can try to figure out how many entire trees have been mailed to my home over a 34 day period.

There are a few silver linings I suppose.

1. I have an endless amount of bathroom reading material
2. I now have blogging material shipped directly to me free of charge

However, this is going to do nothing to help my daughters catalog addiction.

Today's count:

12 catalogs.

I'm totally not kidding.


Brooke said...

I LOVE catalouges!!! Put me on all their lists! Trees be DAMNED!!!!